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Fusia Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce (Aldi)

As long as you don't expect this to be a knockoff of the "rooster" brand, this is good stuff. There are those that believe thee original sriracha, manufactured by Huy Fong Foods, Inc. is the ONLY product that has the right to be called sriracha.  In fact, it even has the nickname “rooster sauce”, for the titular animal that appears on the front of the bottle.  I’m not a huge fan of hot stuff, which is to say, I don’t go around pouring hot sauce or anything of the ilk all over everything the way some people do, but I actually read about it in a Deadspin article of all places.  It discussed how the condiment was taking off, and suggested different ways of using it.  I don’t usually get caught up in mainstream media’s blatant advertising campaigns, but it just sounded so good, I had to track it down. And so I did.  It wasn’t hard--even back in 2012, it was still fairly popular and available in almost any supermarket.  Over the course of the next year or two, my wife and I