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Coco Bay Coconut Rum (Aldi)

You don't have to go to Malibu to get some decent cheap rum. I’m all for the cheap liquors.  While I sometimes enjoy getting some heavier stuff (i.e. 80 proof and up) to get a nice buzz (or occasionally, a drunk) on, other times I just want to relax with something refreshing, just to take the edge off.  Of course, state laws prevent Aldi from selling anything above a certain ABV percentage, so while you won’t find anything that will get you nice and hammered, they do have great year ‘round options to cover those searching for a light, relaxing drink. As you can tell from the similar colors of the bottle, Coco Bay is a knockoff of the Malibu brand of rum, which is generally in the $12-14 price range, depending on the state.  Similar to that brand, Coco Bay is 14% alcohol, yet retails for almost half the price, coming in at just $6.99 in Ohio.  That’s $3 cheaper than the next cheapest coconut rum I’ve seen, which was $9.99 on sale.  This makes it an excellent deal on paper, but