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Money For (Virtually) Nothing, or Just Plain Nothing? An In-Depth Look at Dosh (Mobile)

WHAT IS IT? Dosh is yet another “money back” app, the likes of which seem to be cropping up every single second in this digital age. Yet, this one works a little differently than most others: You link your credit (or debit) card, and automatically earn money back on purchases from participating vendors. There are no specific items to buy, or offers to “activate”--just use your card as you normally would , and get some money back! It's a nice passive way to make some least in theory. Let's see if the execution follows suit, or leaves a lot to be desired. INTERFACE/NAVIGATION The main screen. Online offers on top, scroll down for local offers (if location services are enabled). In this digital age where the mantra seems to be “more is more”, which leads to cluttered and packed interfaces and confusing user experiences, it’s actually kind of refreshing to see an app like Dosh start to gain traction. (And yes, I hate the name too; it’s a slang British ter

Save Money at the Pump, and For Free? An In-Depth Look at "Pay with Gasbuddy" (App)

NOTE: This app was reviewed on our radio show! If you'd rather listen than read, click here . WHAT IS IT? When I first started using it a few years back, GasBuddy was merely a way to find the cheapest gas in relation to your location. I can see where it would be useful to some people, especially those who travel a lot and don't want to get gypped, but I found that I was too stubborn to drive out of my way just to save a few piddly cents on gasoline, so I got rid of the app and more or less forgot about it. But after researching ways to save a little bit of cash, I recently re-discovered GasBuddy: not because of the reason above, but because they now offer more ways to actually save at the pump, like a debit card linked to your bank account, that saves you $.05 per gallon every single time you use it (with minor restrictions that don't affect me at all). On top of that, there is also a paid option that can also increase your savings, as well as add a few more benef