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Casa Mamita Fiesta Bake (Aldi)

A frozen Mexican entree that is actually pretty good. There’s really only one thing that Aldi stores have to do to get me to buy something I normally wouldn’t go anywhere near:  Put it on sale.  There’s nothing quite like the excitement of looking around the store for red tags, then seeing what each one pertains to. Enter Casa Mamita’s Fiesta Bake, a rather unappetizing-looking blend of cheese, rice, and just about anything else that can be considered “Mexican”.  I’ve passed up this entrĂ©e probably at least two dozen times over the years, without even a slight interest in purchasing it.  Until I happened to come across it when it had a red tag.  Even though the markdown was rather insignificant (from $7.99 down to $5.99, if I remember correctly), I figured that it would feed us for at least a couple nights, making it somewhere around $1.50 per serving, per person.  And who can argue with numbers like that? After following the oven cooking directions to a “T”, which consist

Casa Mamita Bean and Cheese Burritos (Aldi)

These taste more like "bean and bean" burritos. I never get these things, because they kind of remind me of gas station food.  Then again, I guess the same could be said about any number of frozen dishes, but the couple of times I have purchased these--many, many years ago--I never really cared for them all that much.  Well, times change, so I decided to give these a little shot.  We settled on the bean and cheese variety because my wife is a vegetarian, and she was unaware they even had a variety without meat. As with most frozen burritos, less than two minutes in the microwave yields you a (hopefully) tasty finished product.  I’ll admit that I was a little taken aback upon opening the package--I had assumed that each burrito was individually wrapped.  They aren’t.  In fact, they’re just grouped together in clusters of four, so expect to have to peel some frozen burritos apart if you just want one or two.  It didn’t take long, but it was a little extra hassle that I

Casa Mamita Original Dipping Cheese (Aldi)

It's not as good as the queso sauce found in restaurant chains, but it's good. One thing my wife and I both love, is the cheese sauce at the Mexican restaurant chain El Vaquero.  It’s something that we’ve been curious to see if we could replicate, or at the very least approximate at home.  We heard that El Vacquero uses something called “Chihuahua cheese”, which is available at GFS (Gordon Food Supply) stores, and, even though there’s actually a GFS closer to us than an El Vaquero, we still haven’t gone to test that theory. In case you’ve never been to El Vacquero (or most Mexican restaurants in general), their cheese is a smooth, drippy-yet-not-runny white variation that is not strong, nor spicy, yet somehow manages to pack in a ton of flavor.  I’m no cheese connoisseur, so the fact that there’s a cheese that even I’m obsessed with speaks volumes to just how good it is; the fact my wife, who is a huge fan of cheeses in general, is similarly obsessed with this stuff tells you t