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Chef's Cupboard Chunky Clam Chowder (Aldi)

Not worth it. I used to eat a lot of canned soups back in my bachelor days, because they were cheap, and very easy to make.  The older I’ve gotten, I’ve started paying at least a little bit more attention to what I put in my body, and so when I saw the ridiculously high level of sodium content in just about all brands of soups, I made a vow to cut back.  And cut back I did…this bowl of clam chowder was the first bowl of supermarket soup I’ve had in well over a year. But we were completely broke, and I wanted something I could just throw into the microwave, so I broke down.  When I was single, I remembered really enjoying Aldi’s Clam Chowder (which goes under the Chef's Cupboard brand moniker), so I opted for a can of that.  My wife won’t go anywhere near this stuff, so I knew I was free to enjoy it all to myself. Pouring the can into a bowl, I was actually surprised at just how…chunky everything is.  Some soups tend to be watered down, but this is filled with huge chunks

Snow's Ocean Classics Clam Chowder (Big Lots)

Not worth it. Sick with a sinus infection, but not wanting anything to do with the boringness that is chicken noodle soup, I decided to throw reason to the wind and grab a can of this from my local Big Lots.  Though I didn’t have much hope for it initially, a quick scan of the ingredients actually had me a little excited:  Fresh clams and clam juice is listed first?  Potatoes second?  Heavy whipping cream’s up there?  Hmm…maybe this stuff won’t be so bad after all! While “bad” might be a bit of a stretch, it would be an even farther stretch to call this stuff “good”.  Like most canned soups, it’s packed to the gills with salt, but unlike similar soups, it somehow could use a boatload more, because this stuff is ultra-bland.  The texture of the soup itself is pretty spot-on, and the use of heavy whipping cream is pretty evident.  But for having so many clams, you really won’t notice that much as you down the can, mainly because they’re cut up into such small pieces that you will