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Bremer Frozen Corn Dogs (Aldi)

Sweet batter? No thanks. Corn dogs are a great snack that hearkens back to my childhood, yet one that I never really think about when I’m at the grocery store.  For one, I feel like they’re kind of expensive for what they are…I mean, you have a hot dog, the world’s creepiest, and often cheapest, “meat“, and a layer of corn-based batter, the least expensive and most-used thing on the face of this earth.  They should be, like, ten cents apiece. This last shopping trip I was out randomly wandering through the frozen food aisle when they caught my eye.  Six corn dogs for $1.99 certainly isn’t bad, and it had been years since I had them, so I decided to pony up and give them a shot. As the box declares, and something I didn’t notice until after I had purchased it, the batter is a honey-based batter.  I’m still not too sure how I feel about this.  While it’s definitely not super-sweet, or anything, I always prefer my corn dog batter to be saltier and more savory than sweet, so thi

Bremer Frozen Fettuccine Alfredo (Bagged)

BREMER FROZEN FETTUCCINE ALFREDO (BAGGED) (sadly, no picture available) Fettuccine alfredo has, and probably always will be, one of my favorite foods.  The heavy cream sauce, the thin noodles, the feeling that you can drop dead at any time from all the cholesterol…mmmmmm, just a match made in heaven! Of course frozen entrees can never match the ‘real’ thing, and Bremer’s attempt at alfredo is certainly no different.  The most notable surprise for me are the noodles, which go for a thicker, home-made style, rather than the thin fettuccine noodles that I’m used to.  While these noodles are much thicker, and somehow make the meal feel heartier, they totally negate my preferred method of eating by spinning them around on the fork, which kind of depressed me a lot more than it should have. The sauce is more or less what you would expect from a frozen meal, and my wife summed it up almost perfectly by referring to the taste as “garlic milk”, something it also resembled as it was sup

Bremer Fettuccine Alfredo Frozen TV Dinner (Aldi)

RED FLAG: When "Made with real Half & Half" is a main selling point. There was a time, several years ago, when I was a bachelor, that I virtually lived off of TV dinners.  They were cheap, they were quick and easy to prepare, and there was just the right amount of fat, cholesterol, and processed additives in them to make them surprisingly tasty. Thankfully, my days of relying on them as a main source of nutrients are long gone, but I’m not against grabbing some every now and again.  Not so I can relive my glorious bachelor days, but simply because they make a good snack (What can I say?  I’m a health nut!), or a good dinner substitute in case my wife doesn’t feel like cooking, or we both get too lazy and there’s no food in the house. It is with this mindset that I purchased a couple Bremer Fettucine Alfredo frozen dinners from a recent trip to Aldi.  After all, the national brands that I had years ago where rich, creamy and really pretty good, so I figured that Br

Bremer Selects Steak Fajita Skillet Meal (Aldi)

UPDATE (03/2021): This product was somehow given a perfect score upon its initial review. While I stand by my overall opinions of these fajitas, the score has been adjusted in accordance with current standards. Also available in chicken. There is nothing like a good fajita.  The simple blend of meats, peppers and onions, paired with some sour cream…oh man, there‘s nothing quite like it.  It’s definitely my favorite Mexican offering, but now, the more I think about it, it may just crack the top 10 overall.  So you can imagine the saliva that was dripping from my mouth as I stumbled upon the Bremer Select Steak Fajita meal at Aldi. You can also imagine the reservations I had.  After all, I had just discovered a restaurant not five minutes from my work offered shrimp fajitas during lunch for under $6.  I realized there was no way that a frozen dish was going to come close to compare, but I had to give it a shot.  After all, while the restaurant is close to my work, it’s twenty minut