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Breckenridge Farms' Scrambled Eggs, Hash Browns, and Sausage Frozen Breakfast Platter (Dollar Tree)

Available in Dollar Tree freezers everywhere. Seeing as how I have to be at work at 6 in the morning, and never get up in enough time to actually pack my lunch, anything I bring has to be made quick, as we only have twenty minutes to eat during our break time (the hour long lunch is reserved for a nap).  So while I generally just bring a whole loaf of bread to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on the fly, sometimes I get sick of the same ol’ same ol’ and want to mix things up a bit. Which is why, sadly, I’m almost a connoisseur of frozen breakfasts.  But one place that I haven’t really delved into was Dollar Tree, which offer a couple varieties of typical American breakfasts, including French toast, pancakes, and this one, all in frozen single-serve portions (assuming your local Tree has a cooler section, that is).  The reason I opted for the scrambled eggs, and not either of the other two is pretty simple:  You can’t even get this one at Aldi for a buck, making this a ver