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Breakfast Best Sausage Breakfast Bowl (Aldi)

If you can take the health hit, these are tasty little bowls. And I stress: "little". Sadly, there was a time when I ate Breakfast Best's Sausage Bowls pretty frequently: It was about a decade ago now (!) when I first started a new job working at a high-end clothes retailer. Since it was a pretty early shift (it started at 6 a.m.) I would bring these to work with me to eat during my break, simply because it was quick (ready in under three minutes), cheap (under $2), and gave me a little pick-me-up, considering it was often the first thing I would eat most days. A lot has changed in the years since then (though, ironically, I still work at that exact same place). For example, as a hereditary benefactor of my mother's high cholesterol, I now try to really limit the amount that I take in, and the 255mg present in each sausage bowl just isn't a good fit with that equation. There's also, unsurprisingly, equally-ridiculous amounts of sodium and fat to go along

Breakfast Best Western Frozen Breakfast Pizza (Aldi)

Now THIS is an excellent breakfast pizza. The last time they offered their breakfast pizza, I’m pretty sure they only offered the bacon/sausage kind.  So I had to get one for myself.  This latest time, however, they also had a meat-free “Western” version, which substitutes onions and peppers for sausage and bacon, so I got one of each--one for myself to eat when my wife didn’t feel like cooking, and one for the both of us to share. I did burn this pizza a little bit, but actually found the extra char to work to its advantage: Even without the meat, this is an insanely flavorful pizza.  In fact, I have another confession to make: I actually forgot that this was meatless.  The peppers and onion add some extra flavor and texture to the whole affair, while the cheese sauce (a replacement for pizza) is actually quite phenomenal…it’s got great texture, and has a light enough cheese flavor that the other ingredients still have room to shine on their own. Honestly, I th

Breakfast Best Sausage and Bacon Frozen Breakfast Pizza (Aldi)

If only more pizza places offered breakfast pizzas, I probably wouldn't be so excited about a frozen one. In this day and age, where pretty much everything is available with a flick of the wrist, it baffles me how certain things still manage to be so hard-to-find.  For example, there are about 100 pizza shops, both chain and mom-and-pop, every 500 feet in Ohio.  And yet, finding any kind of breakfast pizza in any of them is next to impossible.  Of course, I was exaggerating with the number of pizza shops there are here, but not really exaggerating about the breakfast pizza part; why a chain restaurant hasn’t added them to their menu is beyond me, as they would have the breakfast pizza market cornered.  But I guess the marketing firms they pay millions of dollars to to think for them, have decided it wouldn’t be worth the investment. Anyway, in Illinois (birthplace of my mother and current home to my grandmother; my grandfather died late last year) they have a gas stat