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Bomba Citrus Energy Drink, or The Cool-Looking Energy Drink in the Glass Grenade Bottle! (Big Lots)

If only cool packaging could guarantee a good product inside. I actually saved the citrus Bomba for last out of the five flavors that were available at my local Big Lots, because it was the one I had the most hope for. Citrus is one of my favorite flavors, and also broad enough in scope that it can cover a wide range of fruits and tastes, from lemon, to lime, to oranges, and a ton more in between. Given the relative deliciousness of Bomba's other flavors (the only one I really didn't like was the coconut), my mind raced with the possibilities of where it would land in the “citrus” spectrum. Instead, it settles for a flavor that is almost exact to the “classic” flavor, which is itself just a standard flavor for all “regular” energy drinks. Seriously, there's very little to differentiate between the two once it hits your wife probably explained it best by saying that it tastes like a “sugar free” energy drink, one that is slightly different and maybe s

Energy in a Cool Grenade-Shaped Bottle: Bomba Cherry Energy Drink (Big Lots)

If you like cherry cola, you will probably like this. For those that didn’t see my previous Bomba reviews , I’ll do a quick recap: Stumbled on these at Big Lots, where I was looking for some energy drinks. Since that’s what these are, these fit the bill beautifully. Fell in love with the unique glass grenade bottle design, as well as the cool matching “pin” cap (which you actually pull to release, then pull back to open). Even better yet? The price tag, which is just $.33. There, now that you’re all up to speed, let’s take a look at this one specifically. I had already tried a sip of my wife’s cherry Bomba prior to drinking my own for review, so I knew what to expect going in. You know, one thing that I just realized that makes me enjoy this line even more, is that there is none of the typical artificial weird metallic flavors, or weird aftertastes, that makes up almost all energy drinks that I’ve ever had. Don’t get me wrong, these are made up entirely of artificial flavors wi

Bomba Coconut Energy Drink (in a Glass Grenade-Shaped Bottle!) (Big Lots)

If you like coconut, you will probably like this one a lot more than I did. I HATE coconut. I don't think I'm even in the minority here, because it seems that at least 50% of all people in the world don't like it. I think it all comes down to texture: I just can't stand the flakiness, which feels kind of like I'm chewing on wood shards, while the disgustingness of the flavor itself is magnified by the terrible consistency. (I should also mention that a childhood incident, and the first time I ever tried the stuff, didn't help: A babysitter gave me a bon-bon and, I took a small bite, immediately taken aback at how unexpectedly horrible it tasted. After all, the chocolate led me to believe it was going to be sweet! Not wanting to cause a scene, I shoved the whole thing in my mouth, chewed it for what felt like days, and went against my gag reflex by swallowing it all in several agonizing installments.) However, as much as I hate the fruit itself (and it feel

Bomba Mixed Berries Energy Drink (Big Lots)

That really is a cool bottle design, although this flavor is pretty lacking. Previously, I reviewed Bomba's original flavor , and noted that they seemed to offer a lot more than just cool-looking containers; that one blended a good amount of energy-enhancing performance with a very drinkable, though familiar, taste. And you will also note that, at least now through the end of their supply, they are being offered for a mere $.33 per bottle at Big Lots stores, making them even better deals.  Their Mixed Berries energy drink is also exactly what you would expect from a blue-colored beverage, filled to the brim with the sweet, “standard”, artificial berry flavor that you get from a number of such beverages and candies. The only difference: a little tartness on the finish, which leads to a neutral aftertaste. Much like the “classic” flavor before it, this one also has a rather whopping 28g of sugar, but this one tastes even sweeter, and will probably disgust those without a taste

Bomba Classic Energy Drink (in a Cool Grenade-Style Bottle!) (Big Lots)

When filled, it's the same tannish color as most other regular-flavored energy drinks. Well lo and behold, what do we have here? Something in Big Lots' aisles that actually looks unique and cool? Say it ain't so! It was the grenade-shaped bottles that initially lured my wife and I in; it wasn't until we dipped in for a closer look that we realized it doesn't just look like it's made of glass—it is made of glass! And it's made in Austria! And they are only $.33 each! That probably doesn't even cover the cost of the glass bottle! When I saw that this was the “classic” energy drink, I'll admit I wasn't entirely sure what that entailed. I mean, not to sound rude or ignorant, but is there a universal standard for what constitutes a “classic” flavor? Obviously, I've harped on and on in reviews about “typical” energy drink flavors here in the States, but do energy drinks taste the same in Austria as they do here? The short answer to my lo