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Pull-Tie 30 Gallon Large Trash Bags (Dollar Tree)

What a rip-off looks like. As I mentioned in my review for Pacific’s multi-color razors (see above), there are certain things I hate buying when I go to the grocery store.  And it just so happens that trash bags are also among them.  Even though a typical $5 trash bag investment will last my wife and I a good few months, does it really cost that much money to make things that are essentially over-sized plastic bags?  Surely they can be had for much cheaper, right? So on a recent visit to my local Deal$ store (a place that is owned by Dollar Tree, but also has things that are more expensive than a dollar), I looked for some value trash bags.  And hidden among the nearly-name brand items, which were closer in cost to the Glad’s of the world, I found exactly what I was looking for.  A pack of eight 30-gallon trash bags for the ultra-low price of $1.  As an added bonus, they even came with a  drawstring!  Surely they couldn’t be that bad, right? I’ll just cut right to the chase on