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Baker's Select Vanilla Creme Cakes (Dollar Tree)

  The individual packaging is the best's amazing! No joke. I like grabbing some junk food every now and again from Dollar Tree, mainly because it can be inexpensive, and because I occasionally find some gems. Sure, most of their sweets are pretty forgettable, but they’ve had chocolate chip sandwich cookies (that I loved right as they stopped carrying), and some of my favorite powdered donuts. Granted, both of those are available under the Mrs. Freshley’s label, which seem to be good knockoffs of other mass-produced cake and pastry companies, but for a much cheaper price. I decided to take a couple of big risks with this one: not only did I go outside the comfort of the Mrs. Freshley’s brand label, but I also got a snack that I’m fairly indifferent about to begin with: Twinkies. I’ve never really been a huge fan of them—even as a youngster—and still don’t really care too much about their famous combination of (admittedly) moist sponge cake with super-sweet white cream fi