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Baby's Butt Aid (Dollar Tree)

A review of Baby's Butt Aid, but note that it was never actually used on a baby... Now that previous reviews have regaled you with problems I've had on the front part of my privates, let’s work our way to the back, shall we?  I sometimes get rashes on my behind, usually from dry skin, but sometimes from sweating at work (the summer weather will do that to you).  Needless to say, they are not pleasant.  At first, I thought it might be a cleanliness issue, even though I shower daily, but when more focused cleanings did nothing to heal it, I knew I needed some medical help. I had always seen Baby’s Butt Aid on the shelves at Dollar Tree (and laughed at the name), but I never gave it any serious consideration to use on my own skin.  After all, I’m not a baby, so what use would I have for a diaper rash ointment?  I was surprised when my wife suggested that I try it, as she was fairly certain that what I had was essentially an adult version of diaper rash, with moisture collec