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Assured for Men Men's Face and Body Wipes (Dollar Tree)

Available again, but in vastly inferior packaging. A few months back, I scooped up another brand of men's wipes to test out at Dollar Tree, and was fairly impressed with the results. Well, it seems like since that time, Dollar Tree has stopped carrying that brand (The Nobleman) – which offered several different varieties – and instead has put all of their men's wipes focus on their Assured for Men Face and Body Wipes. These start things off by making a rather bold claim in small print on their packaging: “Compare to Dude Face Wipes”. Now, I have to be honest that I've never tried those before, but Dollar Tree's version certainly fixes the reason why: price. While the "Dude" brand's regular, flushable wipes are priced a little more straightforward, their face wipes are almost prohibitively expensive, at least for someone like me, who couldn't possibly stand the thought of shelling out $5 for 30 wipes. What male would? They really just feel like the “pi

Assured for Men Double Edge Safety Razor (Dollar Tree)

Better than you might think possible for $1. If the notion of a “man-card” were real, mine would have been revoked...well, at least twenty years ago. I've just never been into the typical things that the stereotypical male is into. For example: I don't get a hard-on from putting food on a grill. I like the taste of grilled foods, but I don't gain excitement from the act of intentionally creating a fire just to primitively cook a dead animal. I “hate” cars in the traditional masculine sense: I appreciate their amenities, and I love that they get me from point A to point B infinitely faster than walking, but my wife literally knows more about car maintenance than I do (and at the rate my son is gobbling up YouTube videos of mechanics fixing vehicles, he'll know more than me week). I hate the taste of beer, and will gladly go for a "foo-foo" drink instead either at home, or the bar (life's too short to pretend to like gross shit just to fit in).