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From Summit, To Spend and Save, To Worthless: Why You Shouldn't Waste Your Time With Aspiration

They don't do much of either those things any more. I always hate it when I've spent a long time drafting a review, only to have the service (or app, or product, etc.) in question do a complete 180. For months, I (and apparently a lot of other people) have been inundated with ads for Aspiration's Spend and Save (formerly “Summit”) account on Facebook, which harped on all the great benefits of the non-checking “checking” account (in quotations because, since Aspiration is not a bank, they cannot legally offer a “checking” account, though it functions a lot like one). And every time, the comments section would fill up with people scoffing at the idea, calling it “too good to be true”, or other things along those lines, without apparently having done any research. I always resisted the urge to respond to comments—mainly because I do not have a Facebook account and only use my wife's, so I would have to respond under hers—and instead set out to review it as a way to