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Arizona Nachos n' Cheese Dip Combo Tray (Dollar Tree)

I mean, aside from being totally pointless, these aren't bad. I always thought Arizona was a beverage brand, mostly known for their collection of teas. But lo and behold, I stumbled on a tray of Arizona Nachos and Cheese at Dollar Tree, which I'm assuming is their attempt to break into the food market. Either that, or Dollar Tree bought all their stock of these because it was their  failed  attempt to break into the food market.  At any rate, I was as intrigued as I was hesitant, so I decided to give them a shot. As can be expected, we get a ton of salty, round chips, and quite a bit of salty, disgusting-looking nacho cheese. Prepwork is easy: simply peel the plastic off, and throw this in the microwave, chips and all. I was a little alarmed right off the bat, because the cheese is literally just that...cheese. I expected it to be in its own container, but's pre-filled right in the crevice. I guess it's no different than the Lunchables nachos, but i