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Appetitos Ovenable Loaded Potato Bites (Aldi)

Every bit as delicious as you were hoping they would be. The Appetitos line from Aldi has some great offerings, but they are counterbalanced by some weaker ones. For example, their cream cheese jalapenos are one of the store's best kept secrets, a titillating, restaurant-quality blending of the two titular ingredients that is pitch-perfect in texture and flavor. But then there are other ones, such as the mozzarella sticks and corn balls, that just don't quite reach their potential. Put this one in the former category, because this is probably one of the best things they've ever served up. As you can tell from the title, and ensuing description on the front of the box, these are bites of mashed potato, cheese, and bacon, wrapped in a breaded batter and deep-fried, that are "ovenable". There are plenty of ways that this combination can go wrong—in fact, there are always plenty of ways any frozen product can go terribly wrong—so as great as the combination s

Appetitos Reuben Bites Frozen Appetizer (Aldi)

These surprisingly aren't bad at all. I’m not a big fan of Reubens at all, with the sole exception of the ones my wife makes.  Sure, she uses only ingredients that can be found at any supermarket, but there’s just something about her combination that taste way better than the ones I’ve tried from any restaurant. My wife is a HUGE fan of Reubens, however, so we purchased these Reuben bites the last time they were available as a Special Buy at Aldi.  I remembered liking them a lot, but never reviewed them, so it took no hesitation on either of our parts’ to purchase them again the next time they were being offered. They look similar to pretty much everything else Appetitos offers--needless to say, they are breaded chunks of fat- and cholesterol-filled goodness.  For the price, you get about eight or nine good-sized bites--there were more than enough there to fill up my wife and I (though we used them as a side dish).  All you do is pop them out of the box, put them on a bak

Appetitos Fire-Roasted Poblano Bites (Aldi)

A solid, occasional alternative to jalapeno poppers. I had never heard of a “poblano pepper bite” prior to seeing them at Aldi, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to try them.  While products in the Appetitos line vary from terrible, to really good, their cream cheese jalapenos are some of the best that you can get anywhere, and for a very small price, too.  So that’s what really intrigued me about these…it looked similar to a jalapeno popper, only substitute jalapenos with roasted poblano peppers (of course), corn, and other assorted spices.  At the very least, it would be something a little different. Cooking is actually ridiculously simple: As with most other frozen appetizers, you can toss them in the oven (our preferred method, as we do not have a deep fryer), but these require less than ten minutes, and you have yourself some fully cooked, and semi-crispy roasted poblano bites.  The breading they use here seems to be the same breading used in their poppers and, by extensi

Appetitos Corn Nuggets Frozen Appetizer (Aldi)

A bad picture, and a bad product. I’ll be honest here: I wasn’t entirely excited about this purchase, but the wife really wanted to try them, so I decided to give in and get them.  Now don’t get me wrong:  Corn is one of my favorite things in life.  I love Aldi’s canned corn, I love frozen corn out of a bag, I love corn fresh off the cob…really, name the ways there are to experience corn, and those are pretty much all the ways that I enjoy it.  However, corn deep-fried into breading?  Now you’re pushing it.  But hey, I figured maybe it would be better than it sounds. It’s not.  Now, it’s not that it’s really bad, per se, it’s just completely unnecessary:  The corn inside is a super-sweet creamed corn, and the outer breading is just typical breading.  I’m baffled as to how this is packaged up as a side dish, except for the fact we, as Americans, seem to enjoy anything deep fried into breading.  It’s absolutely pointless, and we both got sick of them about five pieces in. Fo

Appetitos Mac and Cheese Bites (Aldi)

My, what a terrible picture. In sitting down to write this review, I’m rather shocked to realize that I have not reviewed any other items from Aldi’s “Appetitos” line, which, as you can probably tell, are frozen appetizers.  Aldi carries quite a few year ‘round, including cream cheese jalapenos and mozzarella sticks, but their Mac and Cheese Bites are only available a couple times a year as Special Buys. The wife and I had actually tried these once before, quite a while ago, and neither of us remembered what we thought of them, so we decided to give them another go.  It’s usually not a good thing when you can’t remember how something tasted, but then again, Aldi is also known to switch up the recipes of their products, so even if there’s an item that you once hated, there’s a possibility the “formula” might change into something that you actually enjoy. For $1.99, you get somewhere around six decent-sized triangular pieces (we only ended up with five in our box).  Originally