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Angel of Mine Plastic Spill Proof 11.5 oz. Sippy Cups (Dollar Tree)

Despite its boring appearance, these are among the best sippy cups at Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree isn't really a place that I would think of to look for sippy cups, so I was rather surprised to find they offer a few different kinds, ranging from licensed characters, to the previously-reviewed “designer” cups (which feature cute kid-themed graphics), to these standard, “boring” ones, which consist only of solid-colored plastic with matching lid. They look more like a “standard” child's cup, shorter and stouter than the designer cups, and feature the same “spill-proof” mechanics: a piece of plastic that fits to the underside of the lid, designed to prevent the free-flow of liquids should your child absent-mindedly set it down and then flail about wildly as he (or she) desperately uses their last ounce of strength in a futile attempt to prevent the gentle lull of a good night's sleep. (Meanwhile, us adults flail about wildly desperately trying to get a good night's sleep;