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Summit Ampli Cotton Candy Energy Drink (Aldi)

Terrible flavor, but a hopeful step in the right direction for Aldi. I won’t bore you with the details of how I stumbled on this Special Buy drink at my local Aldi store, since I already did that in a previous post, so let’s just move on, shall we? (Although you can read about it here if you must .) The first thing I noticed, as my apparently shaken can started rushing out onto the table I was sitting at the moment I opened it, is that Aldi really does seem to be taking their commitment to removing artificial colors from their products. I expected this to be a cartoonish pink color, or maybe even blue - references to the two most popular cotton candy colors - but the puddle of liquid that collected underneath the can was neither. In fact, it was no color at all. It was clear. I was actually dreading trying this one even moreso than the blue raspberry, because I don’t really even like actual cotton candy. So then it should come as no surprise that dislike extends especially to liquid r

Summit Ampli Blue Razzberry Flavored Energy Drink (Aldi)

I'd have preferred better flavors, but this is okay for what it is. I peruse the Aldi ad every single week, and have done so for the better part of the decade; in fact, it’s the only store advert I can claim this about. It’s just a part of my routine at this point, and one made even more valuable by the fact you can check out the following week's ad on Aldi's website...which allows me to get a head start on planning what I want to get before it's even available (although sometimes they do put products out a little early).  One thing I’ve always complained about is how Aldi rarely carries any additional energy drinks beyond their “Red Thunder” and “Gridlock” lines. So then imagine my surprise when this somehow slipped under my radar, despite my weekly perusal of the ad; I didn’t even know these existed until I stumbled on them with my wife, in-store. Ampli, which I’m assuming is a shortened version of “Amplify”, offers up two different flavors - cotton candy and blue ra