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Jones Sour Cream and Onion Potato Stix (Big Lots)

Much better than their barbecue bag o' salt. Previously, we took a look at Jones’ overly-salty barbecue offering , and were pretty underwhelmed.  The other version they had available at Big Lots, was for sour cream and onion, so I sucked it up and opted to give it a shot.  Knowing the ridiculously over-inflated sodium content contained in their BBQ potato snacks, I made sure to compare the label here to see if this had similar amounts.  To my surprise, it wasn’t even close. Salt is listed twice as an ingredient here, just as it was in the BBQ (once in the actual ingredients of the potatoes, then again as an ingredient in the seasoning), but even taking that double mention into consideration, a 1 oz. serving of these has a mere 9% of your recommended daily sodium intake.  While that’s certainly still high (especially for just 1 ounce of junk food) it’s over half less than the 20% contained in the barbecue (on the same one ounce serving portion).  When I saw that, it made it a

Jones Barbecue Potato Stix (Big Lots)

If you like salt, here's a bag of it. I was out looking for a cheap snack at Big Lots, and saw a bag of flavored potato sticks for a dollar.  I am a huge fan of Aldi’s Deutsche Kuche branded potato sticks, which proved to me that they can have flavor and not be boring, so I was actually looking forward to enjoying a more standard chip flavor, ported over to the little sticks. There’s a lot of seasoning throughout the bag, which also happens to be its biggest fault: These things are WAY too salty.  To the extent that a mere 1 oz. serving (in a 4.5 oz. bag) is 20% of your daily recommended sodium intake.  Now, of course, you have to factor in that an ounce of potato sticks go much farther than an ounce of, say, potato chips (where a couple of chips would basically be a serving), but that’s still a lot within a relatively small serving size. The flipside to this is that the overly sodiumized taste is also a plus: They were so salty, I couldn’t even eat more than an ounce i