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Make-It Blocks 100-Count Building Blocks (Dollar Tree)

Phenomenal performance, and a phenomenal value. I’ll open things up with some pointless trivia: I have never owned a Lego set. Never. And I probably would have gone through my entire life without experiencing the allure of the famous building block had a set not been given to our five-year-old son (Jesus Christ, he’s that old?!) as a birthday gift. Even though he doesn’t really care about them yet (he really doesn’t care about anything except cars), my wife and I have gone to town on them, graduating from the suggested designs on the instruction manual, to creating our own (often terrible) projects from scratch. Honestly, I see the appeal: Even if you suck at building things, it’s still a whole lot of fun to do, especially with the rest of the family (although it does suck when you need one of those single bricks that someone else is already using). As much as I love a good off-brand, in general, there are some things that I just never would have expected to be “private labelized”, and

Trader Joe's Scalloped Potato Chips with Five Cheeses (Trader Joe's)

Dear God these are incredible. We were at TJ's for the first time in over  three years , when these caught my eye on the "What's New?" endcap (a little ironic, considering half the store was new to us since it had been so long). Even though I really like potato chips, I did hesitate grabbing them for a second, figuring that it would taste like other cheese chips, but I finally grabbed a bag, curious to see what Trader Joe's could do with such a standard item. Beyond that, they were only $2.49 for a 6 oz. bag, which isn’t an outstanding value, but still cheaper than national brands. I decided to crack these open one of the growing number of evenings where the cupboards were virtually bare and I was being run around by our three-year-old, mostly against my will. For some reason, we always used to be great about going to the grocery store on a schedule, but lately, it seems we always find excuses not to go, no matter how bad we need things. And that’s the m

Malt o' Meal Cinnamon Toasters (Various)

Quite possibly the best cinnamon squares cereal on the market. As I have mentioned many times over the course of the five years this blog has been in existence, Malt o’ Meal is, by far, my favorite private label cereal brand. Its mere presence at hundreds of retailers nationwide, from dollar stores, to Big Lots, to supermarkets, might lead you to believe that it’s a national brand--which it very well may be in terms of reach--but its core philosophy, which is to rip-off products from major cereal brands while offering them for much cheaper, is classic private label all the way. And yet, it’s one of the many cereal products I take for granted, in that I seem to always have some in my cereal collection at any given time, yet I have painfully few actual reviews of them. I guess some things I just get so comfortable and used to eating that I don’t even think of sharing them with my loyal readers (however few or nonexistent that number may actually be). Maybe it’s a subconscious te

Mama Cozzi's 16" Extra Large Mexican Style Thin Crust Take and Bake Pizza (Aldi)

Muy delicioso. Back in March, I reviewed Mama Cozzi’s taco pizza, which is hands-down one of my favorite frozen pizzas ever.  Then, in a recent Aldi ad, I saw Mama Cozzi’s was offering a take and bake version of a Mexican pizza, and I immediately got excited; how would the take and bake version compare to the frozen version? All I knew was, I had to give it a shot. One thing I didn’t notice, at least until I pulled it out of the packaging, is that this is a thin-crust pizza.  I know, I know, it says it right on the front of the box, but I clearly didn’t pay it that much attention.  That’s neither a gripe, nor a positive; just a stray observation, as I know there are many pizza lovers, each with their own preferred style of crust.  Though I feel like you don’t quite get as much pizza with thin crusts, I do love that they tend to cook up crispier than the traditional crusts, and this one was certainly no exception. This pizza pretty much has the same ingredients from the froze