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Great Deal on Crest 3D White Radiant Mint (2.5 oz. Tubes) at Dollar Tree!

FUN FACT: This photo was taken on a toilet seat. This isn't a review, nor a paid advertisement, nor is it something that I'm going to start doing with any type of regularity—there are plenty of other “deals” sites with large, active networks that can spot deals far quicker and more consistently than I can—but hey, sometimes you stumble on a great deal and want to help other people find it, too! Crest 3-D White Anticavity Toothpaste is, honestly, a fantastic toothpaste, but I usually don't use it, because it's also pretty expensive (I tend to stick with Aim, because I love the flavor, or whatever else is on sale at the supermarket). We ended up trying it once because my wife got a trial size tube as part of a dentist's “welcome package”, or whatever, and it's what I've always wanted from a toothpaste: it leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean for hours. And that's not just one of those “legal lies” of marketing (how is it legal for companies to s