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Stacker2 B12 Pomegranate Acai Energy Shots (Dollar Tree)

Perhaps the best energy shot inside Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree offers quite a few energy shots from the Stacker 2 brand, who I would say are more well-known for their dietary supplements. I typically stick to their “Xtra” line, which seem to be straightforward knockoffs of the national brand energy shots that give you five hours of energy, but on a recent trip, I wanted to try something a little bit different. Instead, I opted for their “B12” shot, which gives you 10,000% of your daily recommended B12 intake. 100 days' worth of B12 in one 2 oz. bottle...and for a single dollar? Sign me up!  Honestly, I'm a little confused on the differences between the products in Stacker 2's product line, and I've tried many of them at one point or another. For example, this one has 10,000% B12, which we just went over, but even their regular “Xtra” shots contain 8,750% B12...does the extra 1,250% really create a noticeable difference? And what is the purpose of all the vitamins in their