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I decided I would separate these onto their own page, rather than cluttering up the review feed with random news that break up the "flow" for those that are just looking to browse through our award-winning critiques. So here is where you will find announcements on site changes, read info on upcoming "The Budget Reviews" live radio broadcasts, and anything else that I feel is worth sharing.


For anyone who might have listened to episodes from our radio show on (and I literally have no idea how many - or few - there might be, as stats aren't kept for archived shows), just a quick note that we will be switching audio providers! Don't should be a mutually beneficial switch for all involved.

Our new platform is Racket, which is currently in beta. It's actually made by the same people behind Capiche, so the idea remains the same: making audio recordings easily accessible for everyone. However, there are a couple positive changes, and one not-so-good one: the shows are no longer aired live, and are limited to 9 minutes. The idea is that it forces people to cut to the meat of the matter in their podcasts, rather than rambling on incessantly, which I had the habit of doing. That's the good.

The one big downside: signing up is required. And it's currently invite-only. This isn't some douchey "Clubhouse"-style maneuver, but simply because the platform is so new, they're trying to limit the number of people who have access to it until they can iron out all the bugs (and make sure it's stable). 

A couple of notes on this: No one's missing anything as of now, because we haven't recorded a new episode yet, and don't have any planned for the near future (i.e. the next week). And, if the invite-only thing stays in place for more than another month or so, we'll find a public forum to post them, as well, so everyone has access.

AD UPDATE (4/18/21)

All right, so here's the deal: I wanted to switch (or add another) ad provider to this site. I currently use Google Adsense, and just wanted to see what better options were out there. The idea was that I wanted to improve the user experience, while either maintaining, or improving, the current (meager) income I get from this site. As it turns out, I don't get enough traffic to get approved for any of them. Not even, and they approve everyone. So we're stuck with Google for now.

I currently have "Auto ads" set on, which means Google decides how many ads you see, and from where, during each can go up or down depending on whatever their algorithm is. I actually have it set a little below the halfway point (from "minimum" to "max", so it's closer to "minimum") and have found that there are still quite a few. My apologies. I may try to see what minimizing it further does here in the coming days.


Wow am I terrible at basic blog functionality...I don't believe there was an easy way to follow this blog. Since most of my traffic comes organically from Google searches, I was always fine with that, as I get a mostly consistent number of daily users. However, I thought maybe, just maybe, there are people out there that might be interested in keeping up with the latest reviews. After all, you might just find a product you never knew existed, or one you were thinking about trying that I might be able to help you make a final decision on!

Now you can follow us through Feedburner, or whatever blog reader you use. It's in the right-hand column, at the top of the main page, for easy accessbility on desktop. For mobile, you'll have to scroll down to the very bottom of the main page, though I'm going to figure out how to get it closer to the top. You can also subscribe to comments, and be notified by email whenever new content is posted, which is usually once every three days.

Of course, the option to follow by email is being discontinued by Google, three days after I was going to implement it. But subscribing through a feed still makes it easy to add email notifications if you so choose.

As always, thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoyed your stay here!


We have added a new radio episode to our page on Capiche! Click on the link to check it out. Somewhat ironically, we're reviewing itself, the free web tool that allows you to start your own radio show with any microphone you have available. We'll have a text-based write-up here in the coming days, but if you want to hear me ramble on about it now, feel free to do so. 


See? This is why I've always hated the thought of joining social media...virtually begging and pleading for views and likes and retweets and whatever other stupid things "success" is measured in these days. At any rate, I wanted there to be a way to connect with people, and considering I don't operate a mailing list of any kind (oooh, another strike for my marketing skills) I thought having a shitty little Twitter account might be the best way.

You can check it out here. Please, feel free to follow us on there, where we'll keep you abreast of new radio episodes, new text posts, and other show-related bonuses like trivia information, sneak peeks of upcoming posts, exclusive clips from our radio show, and much more! Furthermore, if you know of someone else who might like us, please help spread the word!

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