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I decided I would separate these onto their own page, rather than cluttering up the review feed with random news that break up the "flow" for those that are just looking to browse through our award-winning critiques. So here is where you will find announcements on site changes, read info on upcoming "The Budget Reviews" live radio broadcasts, and anything else that I feel is worth sharing.


We have another episode of "The Budget Reviews Radio Show!" coming your way tomorrow (2/25) around 5 PM EST. What's the topic for this episode? I have no idea. Chances are good it's going to be another long-term review for an app, or something, so set your alarms to find out what it is! And this isn't some lame attempt to keep suspense, or to drum up interest...I have several topics to choose from, but none set in stone, so it could be any number of things.

And, like every other episode, the start time is very tentative...I try to be "on time" but can be up to an hour earlier or later, depending on what's going on that day. So the best way to follow the show is to sign up for text alerts on Capiche, so that you'll receive a text when I'm getting ready to hit the airwaves! Don't feel bad if you can't make it, as all episodes are archived at the above link. 

Thanks again for all your support! Also a friendly reminder that written reviews resume March 1st!

NEW EPISODE: TBRRS! 2/14/2021 @ 5 PM EST. Huawei P30 Pro.

It's technically not a budget device, but it is a topic that I feel is worthy of discussion, so we're discussing it! Tune in live 2/14/2021 around 5 PM EST as I take a look at the Huawei P30 Pro smartphone after a year of use in the U.S. In the process, we'll be exploring some of the widespread confusion about the devices (legality in the U.S., compatibility with U.S. cellular bands, lack of Google services, etc.) and take a deep dive into its strengths and weaknesses.

We'll also take a brief look at the company as a whole, as they've been weakened by U.S. sanctions deeming them a "national security threat". It should be a fun time, so be sure to tune in today!

Also, feel free to sign up for a Capiche account while you're at it, where you can receive text alerts on your phone every time I go live, check out (and share) episode clips, and see info on upcoming broadcasts. You can even start your own radio show, if ya want!

Also, check out our newly-minted Twitter account, complete with zero followers, where you can also get updates on published blog posts, upcoming radio broadcasts, and tidbits of fun related info on all your favorite budget stores and brands! 

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