Sure Scents Lavender Vanilla Toilet Bowl Spray (Dollar Tree)

A bottle of Sure Scents Lavender Vanilla Toilet Bowl Spray, from Dollar Tree
A great anti-shit spray at a fraction of the price.

A while back I stumbled on Dollar Tree’s national brand toilet spray knockoff in-store, and for whatever reason, opted not to buy it. How the hell could I pass up an opportunity like that? I guess I just assumed I would be seeing it in my local store from then on, and would just grab it on my next visit. Well, that was about a year or so ago…and I haven’t seen it since (granted, I also haven’t been looking, but I’d think I would have stumbled on it at some point). 

Well, lo and behold, I finally stumbled on it yet again at my local store, sitting on a hanging strip in the middle of the cleaning aisle, I believe. If they just put them on hanging strips in random aisles, then that would probably explain why it had been so long since I’d last seen it.

I was honestly really eager to try this, because my son is always disgusted when he has to go into the bathroom after me. Now, in my defense, he is very young (just turned 5) and so some of his making a big deal about my bowel movements is just him being over-the-top, the way all kids are; after all, not all my shits stink. Nevertheless, it never fails that the moment I sit down to…do my business, that's when he seems to always have to go. And every single time - even if it was a false alarm on my part and nothing came out - he still makes me spray a gallon of air freshener in there because he just assumes an unwanted smell will grace his nostrils. 

And that's why I wanted to try this, because it would be the perfect opportunity to test it out. It might not be the most scientific of methods, but considering the uproar I always encounter when he enters the bathroom after me, we could get a real world example of just how well (or poorly) this stuff works.

Well, true to form, I somehow forgot about it for about two weeks. That’s right, for two straight weeks it sat in a basket behind me on the toilet, and every single time I completely forgot that we had it. Hey, sometimes when you gotta go, you gotta go. (Actually, most of the time it just completely slipped my mind; I only remembered in mid-dump, which by then, was way too late to accurately follow the instructions.)

Then one day, I finally remembered. The bottle clearly states to spray it twice into the toilet bowl, pre-dump; I went ahead and added a courtesy spray, just for the sake of my son. I then proceeded to go about my business, plopping my ass onto the toilet seat and…well, I don’t think I need to bore you with the details. Let’s just say, it was quite a large one, and my ass wasn't the only thing that plopped.

Lo and behold, like clockwork, our son had to use the restroom…and wouldn’t you know it, his nose didn't even wrinkle at the hint of a smell. Not even a little bit. In fact, he went in there and used the restroom as if I didn't just go in there and blow it up a couple minutes prior, something that has never happened. And that, my friends, is almost foolproof, real world evidence that this stuff actually works.

Honestly, my nose sucks, so I didn’t really get too much of a smell from the spray itself…or maybe it’s that it's just a light scent. Either way, that’s okay with me...I'm not a fan of strong, artificial scents anyway. But the most impressive thing about it is that the spray doesn’t seem to just “mask” the odor, as I was expecting…it pretty much completely eliminates it. I mean, I had to virtually put my head in the toilet bowl to smell anything even remotely offensive, and without the product, well...I won't get into too many details, but my son would have been gagging. 

The name brand anti-shit spray comes in at around $7 (or more) virtually everywhere. Granted, you do get a little bit more, but it’s only .3 ounces. That’s right, point 3 ounces. As in, tenths of an oz. (1.1 in Dollar Tree’s bottle versus 1.4 in the national brand). Clearly, this is a way better value. I haven’t tried the national brand, but honestly, I can’t imagine it would work any better. And even if it does, I guarantee it doesn’t work six dollars better. 

This is a solid example of Dollar Tree coming through to deliver a fantastic product at a fantastic price.

Overall: 9/10. It does what it sets out to do, and does a great job doing it. The scent is light, and the spray does a seemingly great job of actually eliminating the odor, instead of merely masking it. My son refuses to go to the bathroom after me, unless he watches me spray a gallon of air freshener all over. But with this product, he waltzed right in and used the restroom with no complaints about the smell whatsoever. That never happens, and it's all the proof I need as to the efficacy of the product. This will definitely be a staple in our household for years to know, assuming I can continue to find it in-store.