Tweaker Sour Apple Energy Shot (Various)

Stock image of a bottle of Tweaker Sour Apple Energy Shot
When they say "sour", they mean sour!

I’ve previously reviewed two other flavors in the Tweaker line, and happened to have this flavor recommended to me by Amazon’s website, who must have deduced through an algorithm that I was in some serious need of energy shots. Since it happened to be eligible for next day Prime shipping, I threw an order through for these without a single moment’s worth of hesitation. Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures!

As I mentioned in my other Tweaker reviews, I was getting these occasionally as a last-second replacement for other energy shot brands, from a Circle K down the street. While the $1.99 price tag is quite a bit more than similar products from Aldi (and Dollar Tree), it’s not at all bad for a convenience store, which are known for hiking prices up to absurd extremes, all in the name of...well, convenience. I mean, you’re looking at the type of place that charges a markup on top of retail prices a perfect world, it would be a form of price gouging; instead, it’s just “business as usual”.

In what can only be classified as a win-win, a 12-pack of these 2 oz. shots went for a mere $14.99 ($16.11 after tax), which equals out to a mere $1.34 each (tax included). While that’s about a quarter more than buying Aldi’s extra strength energy shots, that’s actually $.66 cheaper than I paid for each individual bottle of the other two flavors at Circle K. And what’s more convenient than not leaving the house? 

I figured the green apple flavor would actually be in Tweaker’s wheelhouse, considering they seem to put sour spins on all their flavors (my wife, who likes sour things but does not like energy shots, even visibly puckered when trying their grape energy shot). So how could they possibly screw up one of the most “famous” of all sour flavors? 

Well here’s some good news: they didn’t.

This one features a very standard sour apple flavor, but that’s probably all that you’re looking for: it’s got puckerability in spades, with a strong sourness that actually takes charge, giving way to that familiar apple taste that follows close behind...but that is no match for it. If you always wished there was a caffeinated version of green apple Jolly Ranchers...well, my friend, this will be the answer to all your dreams. It’s sweet, it’s sour, and it’s actually pretty darn delicious.

Personally, I can take or leave most candy flavors behind, because I actually don’t eat a lot of candy. However, the fact that they pull this off without any of the typical aftertastes or odd flavors associated with most energy shots is what makes this - and the other flavors I’ve tried - such a triumph. There are no weird lingering textures in the back of the throat, or any off-putting metallic notes that dance on the back of the tongue; it’s just straight-ahead candylike goodness. If you didn’t know these were sugar free, you’d probably never be able to tell just from the taste. Believe it or not, that’s a rarity in the world of energy drinks, where there’s usually some kind of a hint. 

That’s why I say Tweaker makes energy shots for people who don’t like energy shots; they’re one of the few manufacturers I’ve tried that hit the nail on the head when it comes to flavor. 

Overall: 8/10. It’s a very solid energy shot, and at a pretty solid price, to boot, with each bottle coming to $1.34 (after tax). While not the price leader in energy shots, they are a pretty affordable option inside Circle K stores, especially compared to the national brand. While all of Tweaker’s flavors border on the sour, and the other two that I’ve had are both good, the apple gives it a base taste more worthy of the sourness, making this one perhaps my favorite out of the entire line (so far). It is very sweet and tough to take in larger quantities, but for a tasty little shot with none of the grotesque “diet” aftertaste of other sugar free shots, this is a solid option.