Unbranded Vanilla Flavored Nutritional Shake (Dollar Tree)

A container of Dollar Tree's Unbranded Vanilla Flavored Nutritional Shake
Tastes like the national brand, and for a single buck.

We’ve already taken a look at Dollar Tree’s chocolate version of this shake, so now we turn our attention to vanilla, a flavor that I am more or less indifferent to.

I don’t have much experience when it comes to vanilla nutritional shakes (or vanilla anything, really), but I have had them before (a long time ago) and this smells more or less like I remember. It does hint at some pretty strong sweetness, but there are no pungent notes whatsoever in the scent, suggesting that it’s going to be a smooth ride going down the throat. 

Yep, this is a fine ally to the chocolate variety. Usually, I would be upset if I had to opt for vanilla over chocolate - such as if the chocolate was sold out - but I wouldn’t be upset here. For those of you who like their shakes to actually have the texture of a shake, you might be disappointed: This has a texture more akin to egg nog…and maybe not even that thick. Maybe more like a melted milkshake? Either way, the point is that it’s closer to a liquid than an actual shake.

Perhaps even more surprising is the vitamin content: This might be one of the healthiest things you can get inside a dollar store. There is at least 10% of 27 different vitamins and minerals, with most of them hitting the 25% mark. That’s not shabby at all for a store that’s notorious for carrying very few healthy options. 

Hopefully, this isn’t just another “fly by night” product that they only carry once, and then it’s never seen again (just like these Cosmic Smoothie Co. smoothies that were to die for). The chocolate version is available to purchase by the case on their website, but curiously, the vanilla is not. So I guess that doesn’t really give us any kind of definitive answer. At any rate, I’ll continue to grab these when I go from now on…it’s a deal that’s just too good to pass up. 

Overall: 8.5/10. Vanilla isn’t my preferred flavor of…well, anything…but this nutritional shake from Dollar Tree (of all places) does its darndest to change my mind. The texture is more akin to a melted milkshake, so those of you looking for a thick texture might do well to look elsewhere. But for those putting more impact on the taste, these deliver a national brand style flavor, at a discounted price - and without the need to purchase a whole case (or six-pack) in order to get those savings. 


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    1. I agree, it's pretty tasty! I'm really hoping they keep these in stock.


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