Great Value Frosted Flakes Cereal (Walmart)

A box of Great Value Frosted Flakes Cereal, from Walmart
"Under-Frosted Flakes" is more like it...

Well here’s a cereal I don’t think I’ve ever tried, curiously enough: Walmart’s version of Frosted Flakes, which goes under the name of “Frosted Flakes”, because that’s not a registered trademark somehow. Looks like Kellogg’s dropped the ball on that one! (Actually, upon further research, it has nothing to do with Kellogg’s at all: “frosted flakes” is a description and therefore can’t legally be trademarked.)

Right out of the box and we have a slight red flag: these flakes look a little duller than the name brand, with only a slight hint of “frosting” on each one. I was hoping for more of a white, “frosted” look on each flake; these kind of give off the appearance of plain corn flakes, or something just as boring. Still, I just had to dig in to see if the taste matched the look.

And it does: These are some somewhat boring flakes, with a slight sweetness that I feel like is reduced compared to other brands that I’ve tried. They’re not so flavorless that you’ll confuse them for plain corn flakes, but you also won’t confuse them with some of the better frosted flakes knockoffs, either. What flavor is there is pretty much comparable to the national brand, so if you like the cereal with the tiger on the box, then you should like these...just don’t expect them to taste as strong. 

Texturally, this is about what I would expect, with the cereal starting to break down a couple minutes after milk is added, and becoming a soggy mess somewhere around the five minute mark. However, that’s just the nature of the beast with these kinds of flakes; they are no better or worse in this regard than other private label options. 

As can be expected from the Great Value name, there’s certainly some of that to go around, with each 15 oz. box going for $1.43 ‘round these parts, which makes it a pretty enticing buy. These are good, and I’d get them again if I found myself in a Walmart craving this type of cereal, but they’re too generic to be worth going out of my way to grab a box. 

Overall: 6.5/10. A solid price point is somewhat offset by rather a rather middling taste performance; these are a little underfrosted, at least compared to other brands, and I was definitely hoping for a little more sweetness. However, the texture is on par with other similar products - so they don’t get too mushy too quickly - and the flakes are at least milk-resistant enough to hold on to what little frosting they have. It’s a good choice if you find yourself inside a Walmart with a craving for iced flaked cereal.