Bake Shop Bakery Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies (Aldi)

A package of Bake Shop Bakery Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies, from Aldi
One of the rare times that red sticker has still ended up in disappointment.

Believe it or not based on my review history, but I’m not all that huge into sweets. Naturally, however, our four-year-old son is, so I always have an excuse to buy sweet things and pretend like they're for him on the rare occasion something tickles my fancy. And the latest target were these Bake Shop Bakery Chocolate Chip Sandwich cookies, which were available at Aldi as a Special Buy (and for a whole $1 off, which is what sealed the deal). They were a little on the expensive side, and also contained way more cookies than the average person would need...this is more like a party size, I would say. Sure, each cookie is small, but do you see how much icing is packed inside each one? I can’t see even the biggest fan of sweets being able to down more than one of these without throwing up. 

I was hoping my wife would be interested in trying one, too, but she could already tell it would be too sugary for her. (Nevertheless, like a good trooper, she did try a bite and immediately confirmed her suspicions.) 

As expected, this is an overload of sugar, which just so happens to be perfect if you’re in the right mood. The chocolate chip cookies are soft, but in terms of taste, nothing beyond your typical mass-produced factory cookie, which I guess is what you should be expecting. The filling is where it’s reminds me of the filling inside an Oreo cookie, only take the amount inside an Oreo, and multiply it by 20 (at least). Needless to say, it’s very sugary and will be too much for most to take, but for kids, or for adults who have a massive sweet tooth, it might be just what the doctor ordered.

Personally, I was more than a little underwhelmed; shockingly, I wasn’t the only one in the household that felt that way: I had three, and that was enough to sate me for the whole year. But would you believe me if I told you that no one else in the family even seemed to care? That rendered this a rather disappointing waste of money, even with the $1 off savings. Who would have thought a sweet treat could pass through our household unnoticed? It’s a rather dubious distinction for these underwhelming cookies. (To be fair, I actually liked them at first, but they are incredibly rich and quickly become off-putting after a very short while; they should be packaged up in three- or four-packs instead.)

And come on, $4.79 for 12 of these small-ish cookies? Even with my dollar off, that meant I spent $3.79 on this package, and ended up throwing away over half of them. I really thought this was going to be a surprise that would take the household by storm (or at least our four year old) but this was just a complete waste of money on virtually all fronts. 

Overall: 4/10. These are actually pretty first. However, despite their small size, the 12-count packs are both too expensive, and too much for what they are; this packaging is basically the equivalent of party size. I can’t imagine anyone, outside of maybe younger kids, would voluntarily be able to put down more than two or three of these within the same week. (However, our four year old refused to eat even one, and he doesn't turn anything with sugar down.) They’re technically not bad, with a soft chocolate chip cookie on either side of the cloying cream in the middle, but the cookie is just your typical factory-produced cookie - underwhelming in every aspect - while the icing quantity is excessively overdone.