Fresh Finds Crunchy Cheese Curls (Big Lots)

An open bag of Fresh Finds Crunchy Cheese Curls
Fresh Finds strikes again!

We’re back with some Big Lots reviews, and let me just say: it feels like I’ve just been reunited with an old friend. Granted, that old friend has changed a lot, and mostly for the worst, over the intervening years, but if you look hard enough, you’ll find some good qualities that remind you of the old times.

One thing that I have kind of missed is their Fresh Finds products, which is their own in-house food brand. Toward the end of my shopping tenure there, I had grown to really like some of the chips they offered, and was happy to see that their selections have expanded throughout the food department, with lots of trail mixes and dried fruits to choose from. 

In a fit of hunger after a workout with my wife, I was determined to buy something to try, if for no other reason than to see if the brand was still as good as I remember it. After spending way too much time browsing their mostly familiar inventory - the same chips they had when I stopped going there - I finally settled on a bag of Fresh Finds Crunchy Cheese Curls. And seeing as I was hungry, it didn’t last more than 30 seconds after we returned home before I viciously tore into the bag to satiate my primitive needs.

Okay, these are definitely a lot like I remember the national brand being in terms of taste, with a huge crunch front and center, followed up by some cheesy goodness. Also just like the national brand, there’s really a lot of corn flavor peeking through, which kind of softens the blow of the cheese. Maybe that’s intentional, and maybe most people will appreciate that so as not to get a cheese overload; I, on the other hand, would be plenty fine with more cheese and less “curl”.

Of course, no cheese curl would be complete without the trademark orange powder getting all over your fingertips, and once again, Fresh Finds version delivers that in spades; make sure you don’t plan on handling anything white right after you dig in!

The price is also really good at $1.50 per 8 oz. bag, putting it on par with Walmart’s store brand version. A great taste at a great price? What more could you possibly want?

Overall: 8/10. Yet another win for Big Lots’ Fresh Finds line, which continues to offer up outstanding knockoffs - and sometimes even original products - at solid prices. Their cheese curls are strongly reminiscent of the national brand, with a strong crunch and lots of messy, powdery cheese coating ready to get all over your finest whites. One drawback, that’s also in the national brand: the corn taste of the curl itself, which undercuts some of the cheesiness. Still, for $1.50 a bag, this is well worth picking up for fans of this kind of thing.