Meijer White Pizza (Meijer)

A good no-frills pizza option at a good price.

I don’t go to Meijer very often with my wife, who usually stops on her way home from work, but I’ve mentioned on at least a couple previous occasions that it’s probably my favorite of the major supermarket chains around us. It tends to be cheaper than Kroger, and while its prices can’t compete, still feels more “upscale” than Walmart, making it a solid middle ground. It can’t come close to toppling Aldi, but it’s a solid option for when we have to do supplemental shopping for the items Aldi doesn’t carry (or is sold out of).

I don’t have a lot of reviews of their store-branded products on here, and I figured what better way to change that than by taking a look at one of their products! I’ve had a few of their cereals and breakfast bars, but haven’t really tried too many of their frozen offerings, so this time we’re going to be looking at the Meijer White Pizza, which I grabbed on a whim. This one checked all the boxes for my wife and myself: lots of delicious cheese, a thin crust, creme fraiche sauce (yummy!) and maybe best of all, no added meat! 

I like the simplicity of this one. Many American pizzas seem to thrive on shoving as many toppings on top as possible, but this one exercises restraint by substituting pizza sauce for crème fraiche (an absolutely underrated pizza ingredient), and then adding spinach to the cheese. It's pretty bare bones when compared to many other options in the pizza aisle, and that's actually what helped it to stand out from other options. Well, that and the fact that everything else was pretty much sold out.

The taste certainly matches the appearance: it's a similarly no-frills affair, offering up pretty much exactly what you're expecting from the image on the box. There are no surprises, or weird additions, it’s just a basic pizza at a relatively basic price (of $5, which was enough for my wife and myself to each have 4 good-sized pieces). The spinach is just your average steamed spinach, offering up an abundance of earthy flavor that my wife quickly got sick of. I might have just been hungry, but I didn’t mind it, and even downed some of the greens she picked off, although I have to say I can see where she was coming from: this pizza would have been just as good with the spinach amount halved. Meanwhile the creme fraiche is delicious, as always, and works in a perfect tandem with the cheese, combining to form a very edible pie.

The one surprise is the crispy thin crust foundation: it might be the best one I've had in a frozen pizza, at least as far as texture is concerned. I have to specify "texturally", because it's pretty much as flavorless as all other frozen pizza crusts, but it's perfectly crunchy, feels light and cracker thin when you bite into it, yet is strong enough to comfortably hold all the toppings. I'm tempted to say I might have been even more impressed had the crust had more flavor, but I'm not going to fall into that trap; if it had tried to do too much it would have risked overwhelming the rather straightforward flavor profile of the pizza, so I'm going to call it a win as-is.

Again, the key word here is "simplicity", and that's

Overall: 7/10. This is a good, but relatively basic, pizza at an affordable price. Meijer’s White Pizza features spinach, cheese and creme fraiche sauce (mmmm!) atop a deliciously crispy thin crust.