Fit & Active Iced Tea with Lemon Drink Mix Sticks (Aldi)

A box of Fit & Active Iced Tea and Lemon Drink Mix Sticks, from Aldi
Not my favorite flavor, but certainly drinkable.

I’ve already taken a look at both other permanent offerings in Aldi’s Fit & Active drink mix stick line, so it’s time we turn our attention to one that’s perfectly suited to warm summer nights and hot summer days: iced tea with lemon. I’ve always liked sweet tea, but I’m just now starting to really appreciate a good, freshly-brewed iced tea. I still have to add some sweetener to it (the kind in the pink packets), but much less than I used to; it’s one of those rare flavors that

It’s really not a bad taste considering it’s initially in powder form. In fact, I’d honestly say I prefer it to the fakey taste of canned tea beverages with a “brisk” taste, if you catch my drift. The tea is somewhat realistic for what it is - though it’s missing the trademark “bite” of freshly brewed stuff - and the lemon does add some noticeable tartness without overwhelming the other flavors.

The thing I don’t like about it - and this one basically comes down to personal preference - is that this isn’t really a “chuggable” drink to me, which is something I like in a drink mix. About the only time I drink these is when I’m active, and considering I always seem to be dehydrated, I need something that’s going to encourage me to keep drinking instead of taking things a sip at a time, and this one just isn’t it. Sure, the lemon helps to add that certain level of “guzzliness” that I’m looking for, but that iced tea undertone just gives it a more “earthy” tone that isn’t particularly drinkable in large quantities.

There’s only one other unanswered question that surrounds my overall experience, and that’s the value proposition. Well, at just $1.29 for 10 sticks, you’re looking at only $.13 per stick...and that’s not too shabby at all. Factor in the cost of water and you’re looking at around $.40 total for the bottle and powder pack (assuming you purchase the 24 packs of purified water at Aldi).

Overall: 6/10. It’s not my favorite of the Fit & Active line of drink mix sticks, but it’s drinkable. Notice I said “drinkable”’s not really “chuggable”, which is a characteristic I look for in a drink mix. That’s the main reason I don’t pick this one up more often, instead grabbing the “lemonade” and “fruit punch” flavors: this just isn’t chuggable. I drink these mostly when I’m active, and I need all the encouragement I can get to keep drinking water; the iced tea flavor just isn’t it for me. Again, it’s pretty decent, but it’s just not a drink I’d like to shotgun down on a hot day. Personally, I’d grab either of the other available flavors over this one, but it’s okay for what it is.