Sobisk Peanut Butter Breakfast Sandwich Biscuits (Dollar Tree)

Box of Sobisk Peanut Butter Breakfast Sandwich Biscuits
Wow...DT really defies the odds with this one.

This product was involved in a mystery at our home: The day I brought these home, I went to get something out of the freezer, and saw this box sitting in there. My first reaction was that I probably did it, because I’m known for doing brainless things, but on this occasion, I specifically remember my wife being the last one to touch it: she took it out of the bag before exclaiming how much our four-year-old son would enjoy them. It was after this that I saw them sitting in there.

I started to take them out, but then remembered that my wife is one of those people who like to freeze candy bars and other random objects because she likes what it does to the taste, or texture (depending on the item). I figured this was just another one of her little quirks, and put it back in the freezer.

They sat in there, untouched, for almost a week, before she sees them in there, and immediately accuses me of doing it. Uh oh, the plot thickens! So who was the one responsible for freezing these? I still swear it was her (she was the one that took it out of the bag to look at it; I don't remember touching it after that); she still swears it was me. At any rate, who did it doesn't even matter, And this, in a nutshell, is marriage.

Anyway, I know what you’re probably envisioning from just reading the title (sans picture): a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich slathered in peanut butter, or something along those lines. Thankfully, those folks at Sobisk aren’t quite that masochistic, so instead what we get are basically two of the other kinds of breakfast biscuits (think BelVita), with peanut butter holding them together. Even though I guess it does meet the broad criteria for what constitutes a “sandwich” (one thing in between two other things), I wouldn’t really call it that, because that makes it sound much more filling than it really is.

My first red flag is that the packaging is very hard to tear open, despite having the “serrated” edges that usually make doing so very easy. It is easy to pull the packaging apart, but what's the point of having incredibly jagged packaging edges if they don't work the way they're supposed to? You have to line it up just right before the packaging tears open; it's a mild inconvenience, but one that shouldn't even exist.

Without going through my notes, I’m pretty sure I’ve had something from Sobisk before, and I think I didn’t like it. For some reason, I have a negative connotation about the brand, and the more I think about it I think it actually has to do with the look of their products: the packaging is always lackluster, looks cheap, and they couldn't have picked a worse "default" font to use for their products. (Although my low light picture certainly doesn't do it any justice.)

Surprisingly, these are fantastic. Not only have I never had the name brand, but I didn’t even know such a product existed: I bought them on a whim to try for myself, but mostly for our four-year-old son, who’s in that phase of not eating much. I figured the peanut butter might trick him into wanting to try’s at least somewhat healthier than most things kids end up eating.

Well, poor thing hasn't yet had a chance to try them, because I've mowed down 60% of the box, with no signs of letting up...they somehow get even better the more you try them. The first time I was more caught off guard by the idea that a Dollar Tree product can be decent; the next time I went in expecting to be a little let down since the shock and excitement of th

The biscuits aren’t at all grainy like I expected them to be...or at least, they’re no grainier than other brands. There’s a soft sweetness to them - they are honey biscuits after all - and the interplay between the two flavors really shines. Most importantly, there isn’t too much peanut butter holding the two together, and what is there is nice and creamy. As most people know, peanut butter has the potential to be very dry and annoying in large quantities (getting stuck to roof of mouth, etc.), so the fact it’s dialed down actually benefits it, giving the benefit of flavor, without all the potentially pesky “side effects”.

Honestly, the "honey/peanut butter" combination is pretty much flawlessly executed here.

Now if only they would change that terrible font, maybe others would take them seriously enough to give them a try.

Overall: 9/10. Color me impressed with this combination of honey-flavored breakfast biscuits held together by a thin layer of peanut butter. Unlike many things at Dollar Tree, this one gets the balance between “sweet” and “not sweet” pretty spot-on, with just the right amount of honey for a light, but noticeable, taste in the biscuit, while the thin layer of creamy peanut butter provides all the flavor, without sticking to the roof of your mouth, or completely drying it out. I never knew such a product existed, but these are fantastic and at just $1 for 5 single count packs. Great treat for kids, too!