GUEST POST! Unbranded Orange Sherbet Pints (Dollar Tree)

Want to hear our reactions and first impressions live? Then click here to listen to our live audio broadcast, in which we review four of Dollar Tree's ice cream/sherbet pints. 

A pint of Dollar Tree's Unbranded Orange Sherbet
It's legit.

I don’t really care about sherbet too much at all, so I figured my wife would be the better person to talk to about these pints, available from Dollar Tree. We already reviewed these on our radio show, and have just been incredibly lackadaisical about putting the print version down...oops. This one’s relatively quick because who has time to write reviews? Her words follow starting now:

I don’t know how to go about reviewing these, because it’s a sherbet and it’s orange...I don’t know how (or why) my husband does this. It looks and tastes like orange sherbet should. What does that mean? That it’s a perfect product? I guess. Either way, I would definitely get it again.

Well there you have it: succinct and to the point, as always. One point I would like to add to this - well, two actually: 1.) The fact she would get it again is a pretty big statement coming from her, because she is very picky about dollar store products; and 2.) This is a pretty solid value. It takes three of these to equal the normal 48 oz. carton size, and that size retails for $2.97 (just three pennies less) at Walmart, for their store brand.

So essentially, it’s the same price, which is actually kind of a cool thing, considering smaller quantities are usually more expensive in order to encourage you to buy the larger containers. This way you can get a single serve for the same price, per ounce, without the excessive “pint-size” markup you face virtually everywhere. And this size also reduces the chance that you’ll end up having to throw half the carton away when you get sick of it after eating two least, that’s what always seems to happen at our house.

Overall: 10/10. As much as I want to, I’m afraid I can’t really deduct any scores for this one: my wife’s suggestion is right. It looks like orange sherbet, has the same texture as other sherbets, and tastes like orange sherbet...and all that at the same price (per ounce) as most other store brands, making it an excellent value on top of everything else. I mean, how much better can you possibly get? If you see this in your local Dollar Tree’s freezer, pick it up...chances are good these will constantly be sold out as the weather continues to get even warmer.