Assured Grape Pediatric Electrolyte Oral Maintenance Solution (Dollar Tree)

Empty bottle of Assured Grape Pediatric Electrolyte Oral Maintenance Solution
Grape sucks, but there's value to be had here.

I've taken a look at Assured's pediatric solution before, in the mixed fruit variety, and was more than impressed by both the quality and price—now let's take a look at the only other flavor they have available: grape. No need for a long introduction here, so let's get right down to it.

Yep, it's grape, for better or worse. It's the typical artificial kind of flavor that's somewhat reminiscent of grape Kool-Aid, only somewhat watered down, and with a noticeable amount of sodium added. I don't hate it, but it's not one that I'd ever really go for if given the option of...pretty much any other flavor. (Curiously, all the mixed fruit ones have been unavailable for a couple weeks now at both Dollar Tree stores by me; I'm wondering if there was some kind of recall.)

Disappointing flavor aside, there's still plenty of value to be had, with each 16.9 oz. bottle retailing for...well, it's Dollar Tree, so I'll let you come up with your own conclusions on pricing. While it's in a much smaller bottle than other brands, don't let that trick you into thinking that it's a bad deal: in fact, it's quite the contrary. It takes just two bottles of Assured's version to equal the liter size on offer at other stores which, for the math disabled, equals just $2. That actually makes this one of the best overall deals at the Tree (compare, for example, Target's store brand, which is $3.59 per 33.8 oz. bottle).

As unimpressed I am by the grape (and again, most of that probably just comes down to personal preference), I would learn to like it if the mixed fruit was discontinued, or otherwise unavailable for long stretches - the savings prospect over other brands is just that good.

Overall: 8/10. I don't really care for the artificial grape taste of this one that much, but that's probably because I don't care for most grape-flavored things in general; thus, it comes down to personal preference. Why the high score then? One word: value. One 16.9 oz. bottle of Assured's version costs just $1, and it takes only two of them to equal the liter size offered by other brands. That means for just $2, you're getting the same amount of electrolyte solution as you'd get in one bottle elsewhere, which typically cost upwards of $4. That's some pretty significant savings; enough that I would learn to live with the taste of this one if it became the only option available (and it might be, as the mixed fruit ones have been out at both locations by me for a few weeks now). This is a rare case of value trumping substance.