Wednesday, December 30, 2020

A Brief Annual Recap, and a Brief Hiatus...See You All in 2021!

Selfie game on point as always.

Well, my plan to finish out the year strong didn't quite pan out, with all the holiday festivities and life commitments getting in the way of this blog, so I'll just announce it early: I'm going on a brief hiatus. I also did this at the beginning of 2020 (although part of that was due to the passing of our dog on January 2nd), and plan on this becoming an annual tradition: It's nice to get away from things for a little bit, and to take the time you would normally spend on that, to spend on other things that you don't typically make (as much) time for. 

And next year will be the blog's 10th anniversary! When I started this, I fully expected to get bored within a year, the way I typically do with things. But that certainly hasn't been the case, as this year was my most active one yet. What will 2021 bring? Who knows, but I'm getting anxious to find out!

In the meantime, I do want to thank everyone for a wildly successful 2020, weird as it was. After changing the name of the blog (and thus, the accompanying domain) in late 2019, I watched the traffic decrease from a small but steady drip, to a completely dry faucet for a few months (presumably while Google "crawlers" rediscovered the site under its new address). I never advertise this blog anywhere (in fact, many of my friends and family members are completely unaware it exists; none of them follow or read it on a consistent basis), and figured that my spur-of-the-moment decision to change its name and focus was the final nail in the coffin on what was otherwise a much-better-than-expected run. Then, out of nowhere, the floodgates just opened up, leading to an unprecedented amount of traffic. Were isolated people completely bored out of their minds the main cause for that? Probably. But I don't care how it happened...I'm just glad it did.

And I have all of you anonymous readers to thank for that! So thank you to everyone who stopped by and spent some time in my little writing corner of the world. And thanks, as always, for the comments, which are (almost) always a joy to read. I hope that your time here somehow helped you out, either by steering you away (or toward) a product you were considering, or even just by briefly taking your mind off the craziness that was 2020, I hope you enjoyed the time you spent here, no matter how little or long it was. And if you didn't like it at all, and felt like it was a waste of time that you'll never get back, well...thanks for at least giving it a shot.

While this will always remain a part-time endeavor that I do simply for fun, I am tossing around some ideas on how to help the brand "grow" a little bit next year. I might do some social media to help gain some fans (but probably not because social media sucks anymore), maybe an occasional podcast or radio show that recaps the latest reviews, or captures my experience with some products live, maybe some videos...hell, maybe just a visual makeover, since this site has looked the same since its inception. I'm not quite sure yet, but if you have any ideas of things you'd like to see, please feel free to drop them off in the comments!

At any rate, hope you had a decent 2020, and hope your 2021 is even better, whether or not you spend any of it with me.



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