Vremi 13-Pc. Mixing Bowl Set (Amazon)

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As functional and affordable as they are colorful.

After being impressed with Vremi's solid (but small) cookware set, we kept our attention on them when it was time to upgrade our mixing bowls. Similar to the multi-colored pots and pans set we purchased, their mixing bowl set comes in a variety of eye-popping colors, which certainly stand out in a sea of boring, neutrally-colored kitchenware. Beyond that, reviews were even better for this than they were for the pots and pans, while the value—under $20 for two mixing bowls (one large and one small), one strainer, one colander, four measuring cups, and five measuring spoons—was pretty well off the charts.

These have also performed admirably throughout the years, although without the requirement of being heated up and beaten around like pots and pans can be, that probably should be the case. As with most mixing sets, these are made of plastic, but you can tell just from holding them that they're built to last a while; they're pretty lightweight, but not so much so that they feel fragile. Sure enough, we've dropped these many a-time throughout the years without so much as a scratch to show for it—if anyone has cracked one, I can't even imagine what kind of blunt force trauma that poor thing must have gone through.

Even the measuring cups feel very well-made, with what appear to be several layers of plastic forming a rigid shell that suggests it can survive almost anything short of a house fire. I'll admit that, based on appearance, I was a little worried by the design of the handles at first, which curve around in a “U” shape, and are fairly thin, but those fears were allayed once I handled them. They don't feel flimsy at all, even now, three years after the initial purchase.

About the only sign of “damage” is a common one, at least in the sets we've bought before: the size markers on both the measuring cups and spoons, have pretty much worn off, probably due to multiple trips in the dishwasher. (On a side note, why don't manufacturers find ways to imprint them, or coat them so they don't wear off so easily? This has happened to virtually every set we've had, and can get a little frustrating when you're looking for a specific size and can't tell one apart from the rest.) Other than that, though, both sets have held up admirably well. Some have even ended up in our three-year-old's kitchen, where they are subjected to the whims of a small child—and not even that is enough to break them (he's actually generally pretty gentle with his kitchen toys, but is always prone to sudden, nap-avoiding breakdowns).

While I was impressed with the Vremi cookware, as I hinted at in that review, I would probably never buy that same set again, simply because the pots and pans are very small. This set, however, I wouldn't hesitate to replace as-is—especially since they've somehow managed to keep their price under $20 in the three years since we originally purchased it. It might not be quite enough for baking professionals, but for home use, the pieces have delivered well, and show no signs of letting up anytime soon. And that's why these are highly recommended.

Overall: 10/10. This is a fantastic set that, three years after we bought it, is still being offered for the same fantastic price. This thirteen-piece set offers pretty much all the measuring-related basics that a first-time homeowner (or dorm inhabitant, or small family, etc.) could ever need, including both large and small mixing bowls, measuring cups, and measuring spoons—and all for under $20. My wife has used each of these pieces dozens of times throughout the years (with some even ending up in our son's “kitchen” for long periods), and have held up impressively well—not just “for the price”, but for any price. There are some slight scuffs to the inside of the large mixing bowl, but there are no cracks to the bowls or cups, and no warping to the spoons, despite several trips into the dishwasher. While we do have more than just this one set in the house (my wife does occasionally go through intense spells of baking), these have held up way better than we ever expected, and we wouldn't hesitate to purchase this set again should the need ever arise. This isn't just a fantastic set "for the price", it's a fantastic set at any price.