BONUS REVIEWS! Snack Crate Canada Introduction

The blue-ish exterior of a box from Snack Crate
There are some good treats contained within...and some not-so-good ones.

How about some bonus reviews?! These reviews will be a little different from the norm, and will be published in addition to our regularly scheduled programming, as we look at items from a Snack Crate snack box. Don't you guys worry, I'm not making the jump to being a paid reviewer of subscription boxes; my parents received this randomly in the mail, the wrong recipients of a wayward box, but with no recourse to match up the real subscribers: the actual address printed on the return label is my parent's exact address...only the name is wrong. And an online search of the actual name turned up no useful results. How it happened I have no clue, but I figured the best way to handle it was to at least enjoy the treats, and "share" them with you all so that they were not mis-delivered in vain (while also crossing my fingers that the intended recipient was able to get a refund and/or a new box).

These "snack crates" apparently contain 12+ treats from one country of focus every month, and while I would have tried them all no matter where they came from, I must confess I'm more than a bit relieved that the country in scope this month happens to be our friendly neighbors north of the border: Canada! I've always wanted to go there, so it seems kind of fitting that I get to experience a bit of the finest bagged and boxed treats they have to offer, without leaving the confines of our humble abode. Plus, it removed all chances that I'd have to eat chocolate-covered crickets, or some other weird treat from some country overseas.

Now, the box did contain two products that I did not review: Zesty Cheese Doritos, and All Dressed Ruffles. In the interest of the former, I found the flavor to be too close to the American version to really tell much of a difference; there might have been a little extra “zing” in there, but I didn't feel there was enough there to justify its own write-up. As for the latter, that flavor has actually made its way to U.S. shores and again, from what I can tell, the taste is very similar to (if not an exact replica of) the Canadian version.

Also, please note that this will not be a review of the actual subscription company itself as, unless they keep showing up every month, this was a one-off accident. And, because we didn't pay a single dime.

Alright, enough of that long-winded explanation...let's just get right down to business here, shall we? The first review is coming right up!