Natureplex Warm Touch Warming Jelly Personal Lubricant (Dollar Tree)

A package of Warm Touch Warming Jelly (personal lubricant), from Dollar Tree
I didn't think it was all that warming, but it's still $1 lube!

Well this is kind of one of those products you only use for one thing, so I’m not going to go into any specific details about what it was used for…because you probably already know. All I will say is that we saw this in-store at Dollar Tree one trip, I kinda laughed it off, and then decided to grab it the next time we went. After all, the name brand lubricants are an excessive rip-off, and not only was Natureplex serving up a personal lubricant for $1, but with the added benefit of it also having warming properties? That’s just a bonus!

It goes on smooth the way any lubricant should, with a nice texture that is more runny than thick, but still easily controlled. In other words, it’s not water-thin, but it’s thin enough that spreading it anywhere is an easy task that can be done with little wasted time.

I have to be honest that I don’t feel the warming properties as much as I have with similar products from other brands; my wife seems to notice it a lot more than me, even going so far as to say that the burn was strong enough that it almost hurt at first, before quickly dying down to normal levels. I noticed it a little bit, but not so much that I would have thought anything of it had I not known it was supposed to be a warming gel.

That being said, the actual lubricant is indistinguishable from the name brand. I feel like it would be pretty hard to fail at making a lube work (and it would be quite obvious immediately if you did), but this one works just as well as any others that I’ve tried. It virtually eliminates noticeable friction, making things go pretty smoothly—almost too smoothly if you ask me: It can be kinda hard to control things when you’re used to going without it.

At any rate, the warming aspect is not at all a dealbreaker for me, because this is the only lube that Dollar Tree carries, period. However, if it would be for you, I’d say go ahead and pick it up anyway…even though I didn’t really notice all that much, my wife certainly did, and even if you end up being disappointed, then hey, you’ve got a spare tube of the "regular" stuff to use as backup.

Overall: 8/10. Maybe it was just me, but I didn’t really notice the warming aspect all that much—my wife, on the other hand, definitely did, noticing that it was very intense from the outset before gradually calming down to lesser levels. It's also a little thinner than other brands, although not thin enough that putting it on is hard. Considering this is the only lube Dollar Tree carries, the warming aspect isn’t really all that important to me (although it is nice for a change on occasion): all that matters is that it glides on smooth and then…glides smooth. And this one is definitely a hit in the texture department, serving up an almost frictionless foundation that makes it kind of hard to control when you’re not use to using it. Definitely serves a solid purpose, and for only $1 per 2 oz. tube, that makes it a pretty excellent value over the national brand.


  1. Do not use my husband got blisters down there for a while painful too

    1. Well that's not good! I'm assuming it was probably an allergic reaction of some sort? We've used it a few times and neither one of us had any negative effects like this, but it's a good idea to check the ingredients to make sure there's nothing you might have adverse reactions to.

    2. No Issues with the (heat) at all!

    3. Those blisters might be caused by something else!����

    4. True! Has he been leaving the house at odd hours or "working late" a lot?

      Haha, just kidding. I hope he hasn't.


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