Choceur Limited Edition White Chocolate Coins (Aldi)

Choceur Limited Edition White Chocolate Coins, still in their original mesh packaging
A disappointing picture of a lackluster treat.

We just took a look at the milk chocolate version of these coins, and were thoroughly disappointed, so now let's turn our attention to the other variety they have available: white chocolate.

Personally, I actually prefer white chocolate to milk (even though I'm aware that white chocolate is technically not chocolate at all), so I had slightly higher hopes for these than I did the milk chocolate. Once again, these are modeled after American coins (with different sizes representing the quarter, and the fifty-cent piece), once again there are a decent number of coins in each $1.99 mesh package...

...and once again we're faced with another underperforming combination of taste and texture. These might melt on the tongue slightly more than the milk chocolate variety, but are still way too “tough” to be anything worthwhile: they also have a very “dollar store” style vibe—but considering these cost $2 at Aldi, they feel a little overpriced, despite the generous quantity. These reminded me a lot of just eating a plain white chocolate bar, which doesn't sound like a bad thing—except that I can get one of those for even cheaper, and without the hassle of basically unwrapping every individual bite.

In a word: "Nah".

Overall: 4/10. About on par with the milk chocolate version—although “double bogey” might be a more fitting analogy. These are just uninspired pieces of leftover white chocolate baking chips, formed into circular shapes and marketed as coins—at least that's the assumption I've come up with based on the standard taste. I suppose I shouldn't be complaining about a “standard” white chocolate taste, but with an equally disappointing texture to boot, these are just a waste, and a very disappointing showing from the usually reliable Choceur brand.