Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Choceur Limited Edition Milk Chocolate Coins (Aldi)

Moreso for fans of "coins" than fans of chocolate.
Every year at Aldi, there are a variety of chocolatey treats that come out just in time for the holiday season. Mostly, they seem to be targeted toward a more “upper class” crowd, such as European chocolate collections, or Belgian seashells, or cocoa dusted truffles. But like any business, you gotta cover as many budgets as possible, and so on the lower end of the chocolate spectrum, we have Choceur's milk chocolate coins, contained in mesh-like packaging for the low price of $1.99.

And, as can be expected, they taste like it, with a very plain, sweet milk chocolate flavor that seems to be targeting little kids, and no one else. It's a stiff, hard chocolate that only slightly melts in your mouth, requiring you to chew it the rest of the way in order to finish it off—and that's not a good sign for chocolate. Seriously, at this price, there's no way I can recommend these based on taste, when the Choceur brand offers plenty of amazing confectionary treats—both seasonal and all year 'round—for the same price (or in some cases, even less).

However, there are a couple of other sensory experiences to be had with these, and they are both much better than the actual product: the “clang” as the coins hit each other in the packaging is oddly satisfying, coming much closer to hitting the actual sound of metal-on-metal than I would have expected; and, the cent-pieces are modeled after real American coins, and feature two different sizes: the quarter, and the old fifty-cent pieces. The latter is more of a nostalgic point for me, because I remember my grandparents giving me those (along with $2 bills) back when I was a kid, because I was always fascinated by the relative rarity of both.

In short, these would be decent for a money-themed event of some sort, where realism isn't really required (and preferably, where eating them isn't, either), but as a standalone, holiday-themed treat? Nah.

Overall: 4/10. Almost a singlehanded slight on the Choceur brand name, these uninspiring, pedestrian coins offer up some sweet milk chocolate, but without the richness of most of the other products in their line. In fact, they have almost a “dollar store” feel, which I suppose can be expected at their $1.99 price point (but which I still had higher hopes for). On the flipside, the coins do make a satisfying sound “clanging” around together in their mesh bag, and there are actually two sizes, matching American currency: the quarter, and the fifty-cent piece. However, I don't suppose most people will buy them just to hit them against each other, and so even with those pluses, there is no way I can personally recommend these.

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