Little Salad Bar Chipotle Chicken Salad (Aldi)

Stock image of Aldi's Little Salad Bar Chipotle Chicken Salad
A lot better than it has any right to be.

Well here we are again, looking at another variety of Aldi’s Little Salad Bar Chicken Salad. We've already taken a look at their "classic" chicken salad, which easily lives up to its name (and then some) by being one of - if not thee - best store bought chicken salads available. I was going to get the regular version, just because that’s my preference, but they were completely out…it was either get this, or pay $.30 more for their “premium” chicken salads, so I opted to just grab this.

This uses their standard chicken salad as a base, but adds “southwestern” flavors via beans, corn, and whatever it is that adds a slight blast of heat. Sounds pretty gross, doesn’t it? But surprisingly, just like every variety I’ve tried so far (and the only one I’ve avoided is the one with bacon in it), it all flows together cohesively well. The rich and creamy foundation of chicken and mayo is dyed red with what the ingredients bill as a "chipotle pepper sauce", which sounds a little mysterious, but intriguing. Don’t let that make you nervous, though, because it’s not really hot at all—the “chipotle” just comes in the form of the slightest little heat that dances on your tongue before quickly disappearing.

The beans and corn don’t add too much to the flavor, but they do add to the texture, giving it some slight grittiness which works in contrast to the smoothness of everything else. When all is said and done, just like the “original” version, this tastes like it was made fresh in a deli, rather than carelessly thrown together in a factory, and it easily justifies the $3.69 price tag. After all, it would be more than that per pound if you were getting it fresh!

I’d still much prefer the regular chicken salad, and the cranberry almond version, but this is a welcome change from both of those, or as I faced in my last trip, a fine alternative when the one you want is completely sold out. Little Salad Bar hits another one out of the park!

Overall: 8/10. Aldi’s fantastic chicken salad is “upgraded” with chipotle, beans, and corn, giving it a “southwestern” twist on their classic. It might sound a little weird on paper, but if you like their regular version, chances are you will like this: the flavor has changed enough to consider it a different product, but enough of the basic ingredients stay the same to still offer some familiarity in the flavor profile for those accustomed to the original. Great stuff here, with the higher price tag ($3.69) easily justified.