Savoritz Original Clubhouse Crackers (Aldi)

Box of Savoritz Original Clubhouse Crackers, sitting on a shelf in Aldi
Buttery as all hell, and melt-in-your mouth good!

It’s kind of an odd thing, but aside from the baked cheddar kind, we don’t buy crackers very often. Especially given the amount of cheese we plow through in a typical year, which we tend to put on toasted breads, or just eat by themselves, right out of the package. This time, however, we put crackers on our grocery list, with the plan of them accompanying either tuna (a delicious and very simple snack), or one (or more) of our beloved cheeses.

I made the mistake of letting my wife choose the crackers, and was dismayed to find that she picked up a box of Savoritz Clubhouse Crackers. That’s not to say that these are bad--quite the contrary, these are fantastic--but everyone knows that tuna goes better with the grainy stuff; ditto for most cheeses. One thing these crackers do go perfect with though, are cheese spreads, and we happened to have some that was a part of a meat and cheese Christmas gift that my grandmother sent to us. Sure enough, these were a flawless match for a “higher-end” cheese spread that tasted suspiciously like canned cheeses. But the focus isn’t on the cheese, but rather these crackers.

The truth is, these crackers aren’t just excellent in most dips and spreads, but they are fantastic right out of the plastic sleeve. There’s a rich butteriness that’s similar to the national brand, but that might manage to be even better. They’re seriously addicting no matter how you enjoy them. Oh, and did I mention that a three-sleeve box costs just $1.45? That puts them well under the national brand in terms of price, but at the very least, on equal footing in terms of taste. In other words, it's the very definition of an absolute win-win.

It’s not all sunshines and rainbows, though: These crackers are very, very weak. I don’t remember if it’s as much of an issue with the national brand, because it’s been a very long time since I’ve had them, but if you’re trying to dip these into a thicker cheese spread, or even attempting to spread something thick on them, there’s a very good chance they will break. It’s pretty annoying, but thankfully the taste, not to mention the ridiculous price, more than makes up for the minor inconvenience. If you like the national brand and haven’t given these a shot, do it right now.

Overall: 8.5/10. They break way too easily, which is about my only gripe. Other than that, these are ridiculously rich and buttery, and go fantastic with a variety of dips and spreads. Easily on par with, if not better than, the national brand in terms of flavor, but coming in at a mere $1.45 (for a three-sleeve package) gives them outstanding value when paired against the “main” brands. If you’re new to Aldi, this is a great product to test out on a first trip…just don’t be surprised when you find yourself going back to get them time and time again!