Angel of Mine Plastic Spill Proof 11.5 oz. Sippy Cups (Dollar Tree)

A picture of a blue Angel of Mine Plastic Spill Proof 11.5 oz Sippy Cup, from Dollar Tree
Despite its boring appearance, these are among the best sippy cups at Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree isn't really a place that I would think of to look for sippy cups, so I was rather surprised to find they offer a few different kinds, ranging from licensed characters, to the previously-reviewed “designer” cups (which feature cute kid-themed graphics), to these standard, “boring” ones, which consist only of solid-colored plastic with matching lid. They look more like a “standard” child's cup, shorter and stouter than the designer cups, and feature the same “spill-proof” mechanics: a piece of plastic that fits to the underside of the lid, designed to prevent the free-flow of liquids should your child absent-mindedly set it down and then flail about wildly as he (or she) desperately uses their last ounce of strength in a futile attempt to prevent the gentle lull of a good night's sleep. (Meanwhile, us adults flail about wildly desperately trying to get a good night's sleep; weird how life works.)

Anyway, similar cup design means similar results to the disappointment of their “designer” cups, right?

Not in the least: These cups are fantastic. In fact, they've become our go-to semi-disposable cup. While they don't feel nearly as sturdy as the double-walled “designer” cups we also reviewed, they still have some heft to them, and are still a notch or two above the “disposable” baby cups that are made of thinner plastic. They've been subjected to the dishwasher several times (which we have since learned is not recommended: oops), and have maintained their rigidity, with no cracks or other issues from the water. For the plastic part, we just handwash it to be safe, and even crusted on messes wipe right off with a little dab of soap and warm water.

The main difference is in the performance: The plastic piece under the lid snaps on securely every time, and stays there. I'm still very careful when shaking things up in it, either swishing it from side-to-side, or gently flopping it up and down while plugging up the escape holes, but I can't recall a time when it's ever come off. You get the best of both worlds, though, because when you do need to take it off to wash it, it comes off easily, and snaps back on with similar ease.

Once again, I'm a little bummed because these are much more “boring” than the other ones, and therefore aren't much fun to look at, but it outperforms the graphic cups by being much more reliable in the “spill-proof” department. Ultimately, I just wish there was a way to combine the body of the “designer” cups, with the plastic part of this one (and no, you can't just swap them out because the plastic stopper is a different shape and size on each one), which would really come close to giving us the “perfect cup”, but I don't know why I'm complaining so much because our son doesn't even care (I just prefer the cute graphics myself, okay?!)

If nothing else, they're a great back-up cup, or for taking on trips, at a price-point that won't leave even the most budget-minded parent tearing up the house looking for it should it suddenly go missing. Highly recommended.

Overall: 9/10. A fantastic cup for the price. The plastic, though not as sturdy as the “double-walled” cup, is still made of a tough plastic that feels like it's made to last: True to form, we've put them through the dishwasher several times (again, something I just noticed is not recommended...oops), and they've maintained their strength and performance every single time. The lid is easy to twist on securely, requiring minimal effort, and the plastic “stopper” that goes under the lid to prevent spills is easy to put on and take off, yet—and this is the most important part—stays there, even through drops and violent shaking fits. Even better: This holds 11 oz. of liquid (compared to the 9.5 oz. designer cup, which features adorable graphics), so you even get more for your money with this one! Highly's just a shame the solid-colored designs on these cups are so boring.