From Budget Food Review to The Budget Reviews: Blog Title and Focus Update

Greetings all! It doesn't feel like it, but Budget Food Review is nearing its 10 year anniversary (mainly because it's been an off-and-on project for basically the entire time). As many of you may know, doing the same thing over and over--even off an on--can get tiresome after a short while, and ten years is certainly longer than a short while. With that in mind, I now present to you....The Budget Reviews (which is more or less a tentative title, by the way)!

To breathe new life--and to renew interest--in the format, we are broadening our focus a little bit to include many other items and products outside of discount grocery stores, from apps, to electronics, and many things in between. The main point of this blog has always been about finding diamonds in the rough while maintaining a small budget, and that won't change in the slightest. However, forcing myself to write about the weird German cookies I just bought from Aldi isn't as exciting as it once was, so this will allow the blog to continue on.

Don't get me wrong, my interests change on a whim, so there will still be food and product reviews from discount grocers. But with technological advances there are also so many other things flying under the radar that budget-conscious shoppers might not know about, that I feel it's my duty to help spread the word! As with the previous iteration, I am still not affiliated or endorsed by any of the things I review, so this decision is purely out of maintaining self-interest, rather than for monetary gain. It will still have the same flavor and award-winning dryness you've come to expect from me over the years.

As you can probably tell, the new focus is underway, with reviews of Instacart and Ibotta already up, and many more to follow. I hope those of you who started reading for the discount store food reviews will continue to stick around, but this broadened scope can also open the door for others to find out about products and services they might not know about. Thank you all for your continued support, and I look forward to starting this new chapter in the life of Budget Food Review!