Sunday, June 3, 2018

Kirkwood Chicken Breast Nuggets (Aldi)

These are pretty good, as far as frozen nuggets go.
Here are one of those products that we always seem to have on hand, yet I have never even thought of reviewing before.

On their own, these aren't anything to write home about. There's obviously the taste of chicken once you bite in to the middle, but the breading itself is a pretty boring combination of spices that are in no way spectacular, and even then only come off as passable. And yet, I have to be perfectly honest here, I really like these things. They taste excellent when dipped in barbecue sauce (well, just about any kind of sauce), and cook up quickly in the microwave, making them a perfect meal of convenience. Or, if I have more time, I like tossing them in the oven to crisp up the breading a little bit.

Perhaps best of all, a bag of these are somewhere around the $4 range. If you're thinking that's pretty high, I would have agreed with you initially, except that you get around 48 nuggets per bag. I always eat these paired with something else (fries or onion rings, usually), so I generally eat seven or eight at a time, meaning I get at least 6 servings out of an entire bag. If my wife eats some, she generally eats fewer than I do, so the serving count only goes up. Even at the rate of six, that brings the cost per serving down to around $.67. And that doesn't sound so bad, does it?

Our one-year-old son has also taken a liking to these, and that provides even more value. I think every parent knows just how expensive children can be, and how they make a limited budget even Keeping a bag of these in the house ensures that he always has something to eat, and while it's not a huge part of his diet, it's a good change-up for when he gets sick of everything else, or a good go-to when he wants something more filling than, say, a vegetable pouch. (It's also adorable watching him try to dip nugget pieces in sauces, as he tends to get more on his finger than the actual item he's trying to saturate).

I probably did a terrible job of explaining why they are so good, but the fact of the matter is, from a taste standpoint, even I'm at a loss. I had never really thought to taste them without sauces (I dip almost everything in some kind of condiment), and upon doing so just for the sake of establishing a flavor, realized that they are incredibly bland. And yet we eat them relatively frequently (we usually buy a bag once every month or two) because they are perfect for a quick bite if we are busy, lazy, or both, and a good occasional meal to have on hand for our young child.

Overall: 7/10. Even though these don't taste all that great on their own (they are underseasoned and rather bland), who really eats chicken nuggets without dipping them in some kind of sauce? With a choice condiment (may I suggest BBQ sauce?) these things really come alive, and are a fantastic accompaniment to any meal. They're also perfect to have on hand for lazy nights where no one feels like cooking, as a small snack between meals, or as a quick lunch option for baby. The $3.99 asking price might sound like a lot, but there are almost 50 nuggets in each bag, which equals out to a good number of servings (as a comparison, I average seven or eight nuggets per serving, which equals out to a mere $.67 per sitting). As far as frozen nuggets go, you could do far worse.

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  1. I've had those chicken nuggets before, they pretty much exceeded my expectations although I'm usually not a fan of plain microwavable chicken nuggets (I like Aldi's offering of buffalo chicken nuggets most of all). Smiled a bit when I read that your little guy likes them, I'm pretty sure microwavable chicken nuggets were one of my daughter's first "real" solid food as well.