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Mama Cozzi's 16" Extra Large Buffalo Style Boneless Chicken Wyngz Take and Bake Pizza (Aldi)

This poor image clearly brought to you by TopWeeklyAd, your top source for weekly ads. I do not like buffalo. The sauce, I mean...I've never visited the city. It just always has a sourness to it that I don't like in the least; it's as if it hits my tastebuds with a dull “thud” that doesn't match the ensuing heat that takes over a short while later. The first time I tried it, at the urging of my wife several years ago, I just thought it was a bad example of it—until I tried a couple more, all with the same flat flavor. Buffalo is not a thing for me. My wife, on the other hand, absolutely adores the stuff. She greatly enjoys the buffalo chicken pizza at Rooster's, citing it as one of her favorite overall pizzas, and also gets the same at a sports bar that's right down the street from us. I don't know that she's tried enough different variations to be considered a connoisseur, but it's got to be one of her favorite condiments (or sauces, or

Mama Cozzi's Cheeseburger Take and Bake Pizza (Aldi)

After all this time off, and I'm still horrible about taking product photos. Whoa, my old age is really starting to rear its ugly head more and more often. Take, for example, this cheeseburger take and bake pizza, which quite literally had me at the name and nothing more. I just assumed, as is normally the case with things like this, that it would just be some cheese, some hamburger meat, maybe some onions, and that would be that. So sure of myself was I that I never even thought to double-check the ingredients—I got it in my mind that I wanted it, picked it up without reading the box, and took it home.  It wasn't until my wife read the box, a look of shock and confusion across her face, that I began to second-guess myself. What could be so weird about a cheeseburger pizza? Then I read the ingredients, and what I found simultaneously disgusted and delighted me. This isn't just some hamburger meat and cheese thrown on a typical pizza sauce like so many other purporte

Cosmic Fruit Smoothies Strawberry Banana Fruit Smoothie (Dollar Tree)

Not only is this "not bad", it's actually genuinely good! I was at Dollar Tree with my wife the other day, and was bored. We had just bought a present for a one-year-old girl (the daughter of our good friends) and were looking at some inexpensive ways to wrap/present it. Actually, that line translates to, “My wife was looking for inexpensive ways to wrap/present it while I was wandering around the store.” Wrapping is certainly not my forte, as anyone who has ever seen one of my presents can attest.  I had actually just received the go-ahead that we were ready to go when my eyes locked up on this product, almost tucked away on the top shelf of a cooler. I had walked by this area three times and somehow missed it every single one of those times. I went in for a closer look—what was in that small plastic bottle with the unassuming label? Just a juice? As I got closer, I got noticeably excited...this wasn't “just a juice”, but rather a fruit smoothie! The label i

Cosmic Fruit Smoothies Galactic Berry Fruit Smoothie (Dollar Tree)

One of the "healthiest", best values at "The Tree". Well what do we have here? Why, it's a Galactic Berry fruit smoothie! It consists of 1/5 banana, 2 strawberries, 4 blackberries, 4 raspberries, and 2 whole apples. Not a bad roster for just $1. For anyone that might be off-put by the lack of thickness in the strawberry banana smoothie, which I previously reviewed, only gets worse here, because this is basically just straight-up juice. Kind of makes me wonder why there's a need for any thickening agents at all in this one, really. Again, though, these complaints also carry over to the national brand, so there are no points deducted on this one for that. The aroma is also very close to the national brand, at least from what I remember, though it has been quite a while since I've had it. I can't really recall how accurate the taste is with absolute certainty, because the national brand berry variant is not one of my favorites, but there&