Elevation by Millville Chocolate Mint High Protein Bars (Aldi)

A semi-blurry image of Elevation by Millville Chocolate Mint High Protein Bars, from Aldi
Wow...these are some of the best chocolate-mint anythings I've ever had.

You have thirty seconds to name for me a better combination than mint and chocolate. Exactly, you couldn’t do it, because it can’t be done. Chocolate and peanut butter probably comes the closest, but for my money, I love the delicious taste of chocolate blended with the cooling flavor (and the matching sensation) of a light mint. And that is how Elevation by Millville’s Chocolate Mint Protein Bar captured my attention: I have no urgent need for higher protein, but if I can get a few vitamins and minerals with some mint and chocolate, why not go for it? It’s almost a win-win!

As I was expecting—or rather, hoping—this bar is phenomenal. A lot of “energy bars” or whatever these things tend to be called, are either bland, or have an off-putting grainy texture that I don’t like. This does have a slight graininess to it, but since it’s more or less a granola bar (at least in the bottom half), that’s completely acceptable to me, since that’s the typical texture of such a product. But the chocolate is actually smooth and rich, while the mint flavor peeks through at the exact level I like…it’s definitely strong enough that you’ll notice it, but not enough to overthrow the chocolaty goodness. Hell, this bar is better than a lot of chocolate-mint desserts I’ve had, and I’ve actually been known to eat them as such.

The only thing preventing me from screaming about this bar from high on the rooftops is the price: $5.99 for 6 bars. In doing research on the national brand bars (I knew it was based on Clif, as I believe everything in the Elevation by Millville line is, but wasn’t sure of the actual name of the line), the best price I found was $15.98 for 12 bars, still making this a much better deal. So sure, they’re better in price than the national brand bars, but they’re still a little pricier than I’d like to pay, especially since I have no outright need for them, thus relegating these to an occasional treat rather than a “must-have” buy.

Aside from that, though, these are damn near flawless. And it seems as though they have started carrying these as part of their permanent inventory, which is another reason to get excited. If you can afford it, or are looking to splurge on something that doubles as protein shot and dessert, then these are well worth every single penny.

Overall: 9/10. An utterly fantastic bar that is one of my favorite combinations of mint and chocolate that I've ever had. The mint is strong without being overpowering, while the chocolate is rich, delicious, and there in abundance; it tastes just like a candy bar, with a fantastic texture, and none of the typical “protein taste” that can accompany such bars. The only drawback is the price: While I'm aware $5.99 for six bars is cheaper than the national brand, it's still a high enough price that makes it more of a splurge, as opposed to something I can afford to get all the time. Still, I make sure it's in the budget more than I probably should, because these things are that good.


  1. I just had one today. It's like a chewy, high protein Thin Mint. I dig it

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one, and that's an excellent way of describing it! I wasn't sure if it was just my low expectations (I don't get high-protein stuff very often and was expecting more of a "healthy" tasting bar), but it proved to be a very welcome surprise.


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