Sunday, May 21, 2017

Summit Red Thunder Extra Strength Berry Flavor Energy Shot

One of the very best deals in energy.
Well what is there to say about Red Thunder’s Extra Strength Berry Energy Shot that I haven’t already said in my previous review of their regular (as in, not extra strength) berry-flavored energy shot? I gave that one perfect marks, and so it stands to reason that I must give this one perfect marks, too. Why? Because it’s pretty much the exact same thing as the regular version, only with extra caffeine. 230 mg, to be exact, making this a huge kick in the pants if you need a quick boost.

In fact, having had the national brand recently (after stealing one from a co-worker…shhhhhhh), I can honestly say that I much prefer Red Thunder’s version. The NB (as it will be referred to from now on) has, in my opinion, a much more syrupy, over-the-top flavor. Not that Red Thunder’s is accurate to an actual berry in any way, shape, or form, but the sweetness is slightly muted and it tastes even better. If you have tried Red Thunder's regular berry shot, then you've pretty much had this one, as the flavors are very identical, if not exactly the same.

I suppose it’s possible that part, maybe even a good part, of the reason it tastes so much better is because these are the same price as the regular versions: $.69. Yes, you read that right. Sixty. Nine. Cents. Now, normally I would take this moment to make some kind of vulgar, sophomoric joke about the sexual connotation of those numbers, but I’ll leave that up to you freaks. What I will say is something that I've said before, but I have to keep changing because Aldi keeps stepping up their game: This is the best deal in energy, period. I said it about the regular energy shots, and now I'm saying it about these. If you need an energy boost, look no further. It really is the best combination of price, taste, and performance that I have ever come across. (If you know of any that are better, please let me know in the comments because I would seriously love to check it out!)

Overall: 10/10. Wow, Aldi keeps stepping up their energy shot game! I called their regular shots “the best deal in energy”, and now that they offer extra strength shots for the exact same ridiculously low price ($.69), I have to now apply that saying to this, too! This berry shot tastes similar to the national brand shot, though a little less cloyingly sweet. It doesn't taste anything like an actual berry, but the flavor is inoffensive, and goes down easy, while the resulting kick is noticeable and lasts for a while. Now if only Aldi would pay as much attention to the actual energy drinks they offer instead of just the shots, then maybe we could get rid of Gridlock, and replace it with something that doesn't suck (or at least a tastier formulation).

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