Little Journey Organics Prune Apple Butternut Squash with Quinoa Baby Food Puree (Aldi)

An empty pouch of Little Journey Organics Prune Apple Butternut Squash pouch, from Aldi
In non-shocking news, the combination of prune and butternut squash shares the same flavor profile as vomit.

Just when I was starting to get comfortable with the Little Journey Organics baby food line, that's when I seemed to come across all the weird flavors. In this case, we have prune, apple, and butternut squash all being forced together, a combination that features two things I don't even like.

Still, I'm of the mindset that anything is worth a sampling at least once. Sometimes, there are surprises, such as my choosing the Apple Sweet Potato variety as one of my favorite flavors, despite hating the taste of sweet potatoes. Other times, I get exactly what I'm expecting: Exhibit A, ladies and gentlemen, is this pouch.

Of course, with prune and butternut squash being the main ingredients, it's not going to be sweet, I think that much you can expect right out of the gate. But I didn't expect it to taste as bad as it does—it literally seems like those crazy rascals at Little Journey Organics just decided to throw the only three leftover ingredients they had into a vat and, against their better judgment (and common sense), still decided to put the end result on store shelves.

The apple provides a little bit of sweetness, but it feels completely out of place, like it can't decide if it wants to be sweet or savory, and just settles for tasting like vomit. I know babies are supposed to start off with foods that aren't super-sweet, so that they can get their taste buds acclimated to a variety of different kinds of foods, but if that's the case, I'd much rather go for a jar of carrot baby food, or something much simpler. Why mix these three disparate flavors into one? I'm completely baffled.

At $.79 the value is good, as it is across the line, and this one at least has 70% vitamin C, which is less than most LJO products, but all that is canceled out with an offensive flavor that I can't see anyone being able to force down, child or grownup alike.

Overall: 1.5/10. A putrid combination of three separate fruits and vegetables that should never be mixed together, this is by far the worst of the Little Journey Organics flavors I have tried. The prune and butternut squash provide a non-sweet flavor, while the apple comes through to deliver a baffling serving of sweetness that just feels completely out of place. It also leaves a rather grotesque aftertaste, like a constant reminder of the mistake you just made for having tried something that basically tells you on the label it's going to be terrible. There are much better flavors to treat your kid to, even on the savory side, without having to settle for this mad scientist-created lab abomination.