Little Journey Organics Apple Banana Peach with Yogurt Baby Food Puree (Aldi)

An empty pouch of Little Journey Organics Apple Banan Peach with Yogurt Baby Food Pouch, from Aldi
A great flavor combination.

Well, we’ve already taken a look at the Apple Banana Strawberry variety, which is a great flavor, so let’s continue on the “apple banana” trend with this one, which substitutes peach for strawberry, but is otherwise exactly the same.

As is par for the course with these, it contains all the titular ingredients in the form of organic purees, organic yogurt, as well as organic lemon juice concentrate. The only non-organic ingredient is ascorbic acid, otherwise known as “Vitamin C”. We’ve seen varying amounts of the vitamin in the previous two flavors we reviewed, ranging from 90-120%; this one falls somewhere in the middle, with 100% of the daily recommended allowance.

The flavor is very good. Once again, I don’t get much in the way of banana flavor, but the apple and peach stand out here, and the combination is excellent. This variety also has yogurt in the mix, presumably for added texture/thickenss, but this one felt very watery coming out, so I think it’s a little thinner than the previous ones I’ve tried. That’s not to say that it’s a complete liquid—it still has an applesauce-style texture—but if your baby is having problems with thicker purees, this might be the one to start off with. Besides, for $.79 (plus Aldi’s double guarantee if you’re really THAT disappointed), what do you really have to lose? This is but another great entry in Aldi’s consistent Little Journey Organics line.

Overall: 8/10. This one seemed to have a thinner consistency than the others, with more of a liquid base. This was a little surprising to me considering the addition of the yogurt, which usually makes it thicker. Still, though, that does nothing to the flavors, which are excellent here. Again, just like the apple banana strawberry pouch, I didn’t really taste the banana all that much here either, but the apple and peach come out full force and are an excellent combination. I would say this is one of the better ones, but all have been pretty consistently great…Little Journey Organics is a rather impressive line, especially when taking the price point into consideration.